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New iSportsman JBLM Partnership Live Now

Joint Base Lewis-McChord recently partnered with iSportsman to upgrade their outdoor recreational offerings. The iSportsman service launched for members of the base on June 1, and is currently active in streamlining the outdoor experience on JBLM for both outdoor recreationists and management and teams. It’s now easier than ever to enjoy all the outdoor activities available with iSportsman JBLM while adhering to regulations and ensuring proper conservation practices are safely being followed. 

Best Places To Hunt Ducks on iSportsman Locations

When it comes to duck hunting, having access to the right hunting grounds can make all the difference. Fortunately, for those with military affiliations, there are several iSportsman base locations across the United States that offer the best places to hunt ducks in the entire country. In this article, we will explore four top iSportsman bases for duck hunting: Fort Liberty, Fort Campbell, Fort Stewart, and Edwards Air Force Base.

Discover the Best Cottontail Rabbit Hunting Locations

As the seasons change and the great outdoors beckon, there’s no better way to immerse oneself in nature’s bounty than through the time-honored tradition of hunting. For those with a penchant for the pursuit of cottontail rabbits, iSportsman offers an unparalleled hunting experience at three esteemed locations: Edwards Air Force Base, Laughlin Air Force Base, and Fort Huachuca.

Hunting Feral Hogs in Virginia

Hunting feral hogs combines the thrill of the chase with the opportunity to contribute to ecosystem management. Two unique locations in Virginia, Joint Base Langley-Eustis and Fort Walker, offer enthusiasts a chance to engage in this exciting activity while exploring the diverse landscapes of these military installations.

Camp Blaz Sets Environmental Standards in First Active Year

Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz officially opened in January of 2023, and since then the base has been hard at work contributing to conservation and environmental efforts in Guam.

iSportsman Launches at Camp Pendleton

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, considered the “West Coast’s Premier Fleet Marine Force Training Base,” encompasses more than 125,000 acres of Southern California terrain along the Pacific Ocean a mere 38 miles from downtown San Diego. The coastal and mountainous terrain provides training grounds for Marine, Army and Navy units, and is also home to more than 1,000 species of plants, fish and animals.

Camp Bullis Bolsters Conservation With New Designation

Camp Bullis joins the long list of military installations utilizing the Sentinel Landscape Designation to preserve natural land surrounding the base. The goal is to protect the nearly 1 million acres of untouched land around the base to reduce visual and noise pollution while protecting local flora and fauna. 

Yellow Perch Fishing Spots with iSportsman

The thrill of angling isn’t just about the catch; it’s about the journey, the destination, and the stories that unfold with each cast. For those passionate about fishing, especially in the pursuit of yellow perch, iSportsman locations across the United States offer great opportunities. From the serene waters of Aberdeen Proving Ground to the picturesque spots at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, these locations promise more than just a fishing trip – they offer an angler’s paradise.

Georgia Military Helps Restore Historic Forest

The Wildlife Conservation Section (WCS) of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR) is restoring  a beautiful longleaf pine forest in the Ceylon Wildlife Management Area (CWMA). Jason Lee, program manager for the WMDGDNR, is overseeing the effort, and it would not be possible without the help of the Georgia military.

Spring Turkey Hunting Dates Across the Nation

As winter fades away and nature reawakens from its seasonal slumber, iSportsmanUSA is thrilled to announce the eagerly anticipated Spring Turkey Season dates for hunters at three prestigious military bases. This season promises exciting opportunities for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the hunt, fostering camaraderie and a deep connection with the great outdoors.

Best iSportsman Locations for Striped Bass

Fishing for striped bass is an exhilarating experience that many anglers seek out. With its powerful runs and iconic striped pattern, this species has captured the hearts of both novice and seasoned fishermen. For those looking to embark on a memorable striped bass fishing adventure, the iSportsman locations at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Aberdeen Proving Ground, and Fort Belvoir stand out as premier destinations. Here’s a closer look at what makes these locations exceptional.

Rainbow Trout Fishing at iSportsman Destinations

Rainbow trout fishing offers anglers a thrilling and rewarding experience, and some of the best locations can be found on military bases across the United States. iSportsman, a comprehensive online tool for outdoor enthusiasts, has made it easier than ever to access these prime fishing spots. In this article, we’ll explore the top iSportsman locations for rainbow trout fishing.

Best iSportsman Locations for Winter Recreation

Spring is right around the corner, but there’s still a bit of time to enjoy some winter recreation. While this is the time of the year where most people bundle up and stay indoors, content to wait until warmer weather, there’s many great outdoor opportunities that are only available to the courageous recreationists who dare to challenge the elements. Don’t worry, there’s a range of activities and difficulty levels for winter recreation at iSportsman locations, and we’ve rounded up a range of options to give you the chance to embark on your very own adventure.

Top 5 Winter Hiking Trails with iSportsman

As winter blankets the landscape with its pristine white coat, outdoor enthusiasts eagerly seek adventure in the crisp, cold air. Hiking during the winter offers a unique and serene experience, with snow-covered hiking trails and frost-kissed landscapes creating a picturesque backdrop. iSportsman has curated a list of some of the best winter hiking locations across the United States, each offering a distinct blend of natural beauty and outdoor recreation. From Fort Walker, Virginia, to Edwards Air Force Base, California, let’s embark on a journey through these winter wonderlands.

Go Elk Hunting in Colorado with the Air Force Academy Lottery

Embark on a memorable adventure with the American Elk Hunting Lottery at the Air Force Academy with iSportsman. This exclusive opportunity to go elk hunting in Colorado invites outdoor enthusiasts to try their luck in securing a coveted elk hunting permit for an unforgettable experience in the stunning landscapes of the academy.

Prime White-Fronted Goose Hunting Locations

As hunting enthusiasts constantly seek the perfect location to set their sights on prized game, iSportsman has carved a niche in connecting hunters with top-tier locations across the nation. Among the myriad of locations managed by iSportsman, several stand out as the ultimate destinations for white-fronted goose hunting. Let’s dive into the distinguished locales: Edwards Air Force Base, Fort Campbell, Fort Huachuca, and Fort Riley.

New Conservation Program Preserves Land Around Bases

Earlier this year, the Department of the Interior (DOI) and Department of Defense (DOD) announced a new Readiness and Recreation Initiative (RRI). This initiative will preserve green spaces around military bases while also increasing recreational access for everyday Americans.

JBMDL Awarded Military Conservation Award

With hunting season practically around the corner, it’s important to recognize that hunting goes together with good land management and conservational effort. Beyond hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation iSportsman strives to aid those who use their services to preserve the natural landscapes we all enjoy. Joint Base McGuire-Dix Lakehurst (JBMDL) was recently recognized for such efforts, being awarded the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 19th Annual Military Conservation Partner Award for significant natural resource management achievements.

Fort Cavazos Enhances Recreation with iSportsman

Fort Cavazos Army post (formerly known as Fort Hood) is taking a big step toward enhancing their recreational offerings for service members and their families. Through a strategic partnership with iSportsman, the base will leverage the comprehensive iSportsman service to elevate its recreational opportunities starting Aug. 15. 

Enter the JBLE Lottery for a Spring Turkey Hunt

For hunters looking for a great spring hunting opportunity, entries are now open for the Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE) Spring Gobbler Lottery. This lottery-only hunt promises a thrilling adventure for hunters of all levels, providing a chance to harvest a turkey amidst the picturesque landscapes of coastal Virginia.

Joint Base Langley-Eustis Kicks off Youth Waterfowl Season

Joint Base Langley-Eustis, located in southeast Virginia, is one of the many iSportsman managed locations to hold a veteran and youth waterfowl hunt in February. On February 3rd, accompanied youths and military veterans can embark the Virginian landscape in search for the many duck varieties known to be in the area.

Your Guide to Angling at Quantico

Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) is an angler’s paradise, offering fishermen an opportunity to reel in prized catches amidst beautiful scenery. Trout angling enthusiasts are in for a treat as MCBQ undertakes its annual trout stocking program; plus, the base has many other wonderful fishing opportunities for everyone.

Best Cold-Weather Camping Sites East Coast with iSportsman

When the temperature drops and snow blankets the landscape, adventurous souls seek the thrill of cold-weather camping. For those who love the crisp air, the crunch of snow underfoot, and the beauty of a winter wonderland, iSportsman offers an array of top-notch camping sites East Coast. Among them, Avon Park Air Force Range, Eglin Air Force Base, Fort Drum, and Fort Stewart stand out as premier destinations for a unique cold-weather camping experience.

Fort Huachuca Big Game Season Opens in August

While for most big game hunters focused on deer opening day is marked on the calendar for September, October or even not until November, there are a lucky number of hunters who live in areas where August means it’s time to hit the stands, fields and trails. Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona is one of those areas, with both black bear and deer archery seasons beginning in August.

iSportsman Celebrates the U.S. Army’s 246th Anniversary

Happy 246th birthday to the United States Army! iSportsman has worked closely with the U.S. Army, providing the online service used to manage hunting and fishing programs at many bases for more than 10 years. From Fort Bragg to Fort Hunter Liggett, iSportsman is an online tool used by some of the best natural resources professionals in the world. It is currently being used at 26 Army installations across the United States to deliver outdoor recreation to America’s warfighters and civilians alike.

Fort Riley Hunting: Everything You Need to Know

Fort Riley, located in Kansas’ Flint Hills region, is a popular destination for elk hunters and more. From the available permits and activities, to when seasons generally start, this history rundown shares everything you need to know about hunting in this military enclave. 

iSportsman and HAMS Launch iSportsmanARX

A digital wave of outdoor recreational tools, all combined in a single app, will begin to revolutionize the way Americans access and enjoy the outdoors this summer. iSportsman, the nation’s leading provider of outdoor recreational management software, recently formalized a partnership with (Hunting Area Management System), Europe’s top provider of conservation and hunting management digital solutions. As part of the partnership, the two companies will jointly introduce a new app-driven service to the North American market that will make it easier and more affordable than ever for everyone from large corporate landowners to outfitters and hunt clubs to digitally manage access and opportunities on their hunting and recreational areas.

Mike Rogers Embarks on Second iSportsman Hunt

iSportsman is currently sponsoring YouTuber and active-duty service member Mike Rogers (@TLOMikeRogers) for multiple trips to Arizona for late season mule deer hunts. Already back from his first outing, Mike is itching for more. Spending several days getting up early, hiking long desert treks, and ascending rocky hills to glass for wildlife wasn’t enough, and we agree.

HazRDS Maximizes Safety on Camp Pendleton

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, located in California, improved the way they manage nuisance wildlife/human interactions using iSportsman’s HazRDS online tool. HazRDS was created to promote safer environmental recreation, allowing users to identify UXO, concertina wire and other hazardous materials discovered in the field. The tool uses real-time geodata technology to do this. 

Where to Hunt Small Game on iSportsman Locations

When it comes to the thrill of hunting, not every location offers the same level of excitement and bounty. If you’re an avid small game hunter, you understand the importance of choosing the right location for a successful and enjoyable experience. Fortunately, iSportsman has curated a list of premier locations renowned for their abundance of small game. Let’s delve into why Fort Carson, Fort Moore, Fort Jackson, Fort Campbell, and Avon Parks Air Force Range stand out as top-tier destinations for small game hunting.

Finding the Best Deer Rut Days

As a former whitetails columnist for both Outdoor Life and Petersen’s Hunting it was incumbent upon me each year to interview some of the top hunters in the nation to try to determine the six or seven best days to be in the deer woods…a challenging task of prognostication for sure given the many variables that affect deer movement from place to place.

Best Thermal Underwear for Men and Women

As temperatures plummet and we move into the cold seasons, staying warm and comfortable is a top priority for many. One essential garment that can make all the difference in keeping the chill at bay is thermal underwear. I’ve camped many times in below-freezing temperatures (including one of my favorite-ever trips to Fort Walker as a Boy Scout) and I can personally attest to the importance of thermal underwear in maintaining heat while out in the elements. I can always tell who’s wearing thermal underwear on every cold-weather trip I take: the ones who are shivering and miserable aren’t wearing them, while the people merrily having a blast are the ones who came prepared.

Hunting on Fort Campbell Military Base

Fort Campbell is an Army post located on approximately 105,000 acres in Montgomery and Stewart counties, Tennessee, and Trigg and Christian counties, Kentucky. Fort Campbell is 14 miles south of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and 13 miles north of Clarksville, Tennessee. The closest major urban area (greater than 500,000 residents) to the installation is Nashville, Tennessee, located 60 miles to the southeast. Louisville, Kentucky; Memphis, Tennessee; and St. Louis, Missouri are within 200 miles of the installation.

Fort Liberty Youth, Veteran, & Military Waterfowl Day

Fort Liberty, formerly known as Fort Bragg, is excited to announce the upcoming Youth/Veteran/Military Waterfowl Day, set to take place on February 10, 2024. This event marks a special occasion where the community comes together to celebrate the rich traditions of waterfowl hunting, honor our veterans, and provide a unique experience for the youth.

Winter Dove Hunting Dates Texas

Dove hunting in Texas is a time-honored tradition that captures the essence of the Lone Star State’s outdoor culture. As the crisp autumn air settles in, hunters eagerly anticipate the start of dove season, typically commencing in early September. With its expansive fields and diverse landscapes, Texas provides an ideal habitat for mourning doves, creating a haven for enthusiasts. While the fall season may have just ended, the winter season is just around the corner — read below for dove hunting dates Texas, bag limits and more.

Camp Pendleton: 2 Must-Watch Videos for Hunters

Mike frequently hunts on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton near Oceanside, California, and has made quite a few great videos to help others get the most out of their Camp Pendleton outdoor experience.

Hunting in Utah: Expert Advice from a Local

It’s that time of year when we start getting out our hunting gear, placing trail cams, practice shooting, and overall just start getting the fever of hunting season. We all have our favorite hunting season, whether it is deer, elk, bear or duck we are all hyped and getting our gear ready. Some preparation is less than others when it comes to the species and the area you will be hunting. When you take on a hunt that puts you at 10,000 feet above sea level the preparation can be extensive. I have been hunting Utah for seven years for elk and my base camp sits at the 10,000 foot mark. Over the past years I have seen and experienced many situations that can be avoided with proper preparation.

Marsupial Gear: Hunting Must-Haves

A good day outdoors always comes down to the gear. And this is true for both hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts alike. With spring turkey right around the corner and a lot of opportunities for run-and-gun days outdoors, iSportsman took a deep dive into Marsupial Gear to round up some of our top must-haves. 

Top 5 Hunting Movies to Watch During Off Season

While nothing can truly compare to the exhilaration and joy that comes with being on a great hunt, these five hunting movies do a good job at giving you that same rugged, adventurous feeling.

Environmental Stewardship Award Bestowed on West Virginia

Earlier this year, the West Virginia (WV) branch of the Army National Guard (ARNG) received the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Award. This is the highest conservational recognition the Army National Guard can give, and it signifies that the WV branch is performing exemplarily in its duty of environmental stewardship and sustainability. iSportsman understands the importance of conservation in maintaining a sustainable future and ensuring our natural world is preserved for the military, outdoor recreation and more, and we wanted to highlight the great efforts displayed by the WVARNG in helping achieve this goal.

Shop Black Friday with Sitka Gear Sale

As the holiday season approaches, outdoor enthusiasts eagerly await the Black Friday deals to gear up for their winter adventures. Sitka has an impressive lineup of high-performance apparel that promises to elevate your outdoor experience with their Sitka gear sale. From the Blizzard Aerolite Parka to the Stratus WS Beanie, each product is crafted with precision and designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Let’s take a closer look at some of Sitka’s standout products that are sure to make your Black Friday shopping spree worthwhile.

Devil’s Marbleyard: The Best Hike in Virginia

A couple weeks ago, I shared my experiences with kayaking and canoeing, today I wanted to share my favorite hiking experience at Devil’s Marbleyard. As an Eagle Scout, I’ve hiked my fair share of trails across the Appalachian Mountains and the east coast. Devil’s Marbleyard is a highly rewarding, yet admittedly strenuous hike, that offers some of the most impressive vistas and fun rock scrambling on the east coast. If you’re looking for an exciting and adventurous hike that isn’t too extreme, then you should definitely try hiking up to Devil’s Marbleyard. It’ll be an experience you never forget!

Hunt Wild Hogs and Bring on the Bacon With iSportsman

These days you can rent a helicopter to shoot wild hogs from an ariel view, but for the more tame of heart there are also several iSportsman managed locations that offer wild hog hunts.

4 iSportsman Locations for Rabbit Hunting

The first time I met my grandfather-in-law he invited me and my now husband into his home located on the family dairy farm in northern Pennsylvania for dinner: a creamy warm stew with noticeable chunks of potato…and protein that I would soon learn was rabbit harvested from the surrounding woods. It was my first foray in eating wild game, and I LOVED it. To my own city-dwelling family’s chagrin I proceeded to re-create this meal when I hosted Easter a few years later. Timing has never been my strong suit. Regardless, with fresh rabbit being one of my favorite proteins I’m excited to produce this round-up of iSportsman location with rabbit season already in progress or opening soon. 

Summer Thunderstorms: How to Identify Them In Advance

Without a doubt, thunderstorms are the most dangerous. Most injuries and deaths caused by weather in the United States are thunderstorm related. The sun’s heat energy is a major factor in the generation of thunderstorms which is one reason why our spring and summer months can be the most volatile. In most cases winter sunshine does not provide enough warmth for thunderstorms to develop.

4 Fox Hunting Locations From iSportsman

When you imagine fox hunting, you probably imagine a British countryside amass with barking hounds and a posh guy on horseback. And while that is the more televised personification of fox hunting, there are other options available. If you’re looking to try something new, we have four iSportsman locations perfect for fox hunting this season.  

Your Guide to Trout Fishing at West Point Military Academy

Trout fishing at West Point Military Academy offers anglers an opportunity to reel in prized catches in the midst of nature. Mastering the art of trout fishing requires a combination of skill, strategy, and understanding of the different trout species that inhabit their waters. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips for trout fishing success while delving into the distinct characteristics of brook trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout — all of which can be found in the waters of West Point: Plan your trip today!

iSportsman Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Embark on a journey through the great outdoors with our curated selection of the finest gear that promises to elevate your outdoor experience. Discover the perfect blend of innovation and functionality as we showcase cutting-edge equipment designed to enhance your outdoor pursuits. From rugged camping essentials to high-performance sporting gear, the iSportsman Holiday Gift Guide is a treasure trove of carefully chosen items that embody the spirit of the outdoors.

This holiday season, give the gift of adventure with the iSportsman 2023 Holiday Gift Guide – where the best in outdoor gear meets the joy of giving. Let the spirit of exploration guide your choices and make this holiday one to remember for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life. Happy holidays from iSportsman! 🌲🏞️

Fort Liberty Spring Turkey Scouting 2024

Fort Liberty has some great turkey hunting opportunities, and spring scouting is right around the corner. Spring turkey scouting kicks off at Fort Liberty on March 30, 2024, marking the beginning of a turkey season for many hunters in North Carolina. Plan your trip with iSportsman here.

How to Choose the Best Hunting Rifle

Aram von Benedikt tackles the tricky question of just how essential a rifle is to a hunter, wadding his way through the subtle–but pivotal–differences between a standard hunting rifle and one of a higher grade. The easy answer would be to say that the more you invest in a rifle, the more it pays off.

Our Top 3 Truck Bed Tent Picks

Having a truck bed tent means having your entire camp set up located securely in the back of your truck allows you to camp, hunt, hike or fish at an elevated level with the benefit of mobility if need be. We rounded up our top 4 truck bed tent picks for you to check out before your next adventure.

Must-Have Camping Kitchen Essentials

Though there were many factors that led to my parents’ divorce, my father’s great love for family camping trips and my mother’s great distaste for them stands out in my memory. My father enjoyed nothing else more than waking up early in a cold, damp tent to head to his camping kitchen to make coffee in a percolator and fry eggs on a well-worn Coleman portable stove. Meanwhile my mother, who would spend most of her time trying to keep the campsite and us kids as clean as possible, became frustrated by the endless amount of work camping produced. 

The Best Spotting Scopes in 2023

Spotting scopes are indispensable for hunters and it’s important to have one you can trust when operating out in the field. Picking the right one for you can mean the difference between precisely spotting that faraway game and losing your prey among the environment and going home empty-handed. We’ve compiled a few of the best spotting scopes out there, but before that it’s important to understand how to pick the best one to suit your needs.

Top 3 Hunting Boots: From Kenetrek to Salomon

The season is in full swing across the country, and while average folks are taking their winter jackets out of storage you may be taking your hunting gear down from the shelf as well. If you’ve found that you should have replaced your hunting boots after last season, we have three top recommendations for you. 

Last Minute Gifts: Leatherman Multitool Must-Haves 

Many of us have been gifted a multitool: a flimsy, ironically impractical weight that we keep on our car keys and rarely put to good use. Leatherman provides multipurpose tools that make a difference and have been well-loved by hardworking, hands-on enthusiasts for generations. We checked out all of Leatherman’s gift guides to bring you our top picks from each one; read more to find the last-minute gift for anyone that can do anything. 

Exploring the Gunwerks Rifle Systems

Gunwerks has earned a reputation for producing high-quality precision rifle systems, catering to the needs of both hunters and long-range shooters. In this article, we will delve into the features and characteristics of different systems, providing enthusiasts with a detailed understanding of what makes Gunwerks a standout brand in the firearms industry.

Brood X Cicadas: The Invasion

If you haven’t heard the buzz, you will soon. Brood X, a combination of three species of 17-year cicadas, will make an appearance this spring once the ground hits that perfect temperature. For those who aren’t entomology enthusiasts (and for those who are not etymology enthusiasts, entomology is the study of insects) here is why Brood X is so exciting.

How Maui Nui Venison Helps Hawaiian Wildlife

The Maui Nui Venison was built upon the belief of ‘Olelo,’ a Hawaiian word with no English translation that describes the balance between the environment and nature. This is in response to the delicate balance of the Hawaiian archipelago ecosystem. According to Maui Nui’s mission statement, being that Hawaii lacks any large herbivorous mammals, Hawaiian plants are not adapted to ungulate browsing and trampling. So, when invasive feral deer, pigs, goats, sheep and cattle cause widespread destruction, it can result in deep-rooted impacts on the remaining native ecosystem, which consists of critical forested watersheds and more endangered species per square mile than anywhere else on the planet.

Top 4 Outdoors Podcasts to Listen to this Week

Whether you’re driving to work, cooking dinner or simply itching to get back outside, you can enjoy the outdoors by tuning in to some of the most interesting and diverse storytellers from the marshes, fields and backwoods. Check out four of our favorite outdoor podcasts we think you’ll really like, too.

Arizona Trail Camera Ban: What Hunters Need to Know

Arizona recently became the first state to ban the use of trail cameras by hunters. Other states, such as Montana, Nevada and New Mexico, among others have restricted aspects of trail camera use such as when cameras can be used or limit the features a camera can possess, most notably where wireless transmission cameras are concerned, but this was the first outright ban on record by an agency or DNR. While every state remains different in their acceptance of usage, such as certain bans on the use of trail cameras to hunt game birds or furbearers, bans on specific time periods to use it or bans on real time information and images being relayed to hunters, real time cameras are generally banned for hunting or aiding a hunt, but can be used for research or viewing. 

The Significance of Thanksgiving Turkey

Few things are so closely associated with a single holiday as the turkey is with Thanksgiving. Whether you do like most people and brave the pre-holiday throngs at grocery stores to buy your Butterball from a deep freezer or go the ultra-traditional route of a pilgrim and take the woods to try your hand at calling a wild turkey into the gun, odds are, most of us are going to dine on the large bird this Thursday.

Why to Try Out Bear Hunting in Canada

When it comes to springtime pursuits among sportsmen, no one can argue, the wild turkey reigns supreme. The thrill of calling in a gobbling tom makes turkeys the whitetail deer of the spring. But for those sportsmen who desire something a little more western, a little more wild and much larger game, the black bears of the American West and on up to Canada is where the real action is found.

Canoeing Tips 101: Help for Beginners

Canoeing is a great outdoor adventure that is well-suited to families, anglers or anyone who just wants to get a little bit off the beaten path. However, there are a few skills and planning tips that will make the day much better.

3 Best Homemade Catfish Bait Ideas

Last week I wrote about the amazing sense of smell and taste catfish possess. Salmon swimming the open ocean follow the subtle scent trail of the river in which they were born to home in on the exact location of their birth when they mature and make their own spawning run. Catfish possess a sense of smell as much as 100 times greater than salmon. 

Discover the Thrill of Shed Hunting

There is some debate about the best time to go shed hunting. Some diehard shed hunters say to start early in the year for the most impressive finds, while others wait until the warmer days of March or April to begin their search. However, conservationists weigh-in that early spring is the best time. Not only do you as a hunter gain the benefit of nice weather and still open woods, but the deer at this point also have had the chance to recuperate from the harsh winter without the stress of being pushed and frightened by roaming humans. This means additional healthy bucks for next fall.

How To Prepare For Archery Season

Archery season is still a few months away, but it’s never too early to start preparing for the fall.  Shooting as much and as often as possible will help hone the skills necessary to succeed with stick and string.  The best way I know how to practice and simulate hunting situations is to shoot at local 3D archery courses and competitions.

Calling Coyotes

Coyote hunting offers near year-round opportunity in virtually every state. And coyote resilience is well documented, with packs thriving even in urban areas. Their hardiness and adaptability means populations need to be monitored and managed. During hunting doldrums, calling coyotes can lead to frenetic and chaotic nights. The skills necessary to hunt coyotes are simple which makes it easy to pick up no matter your experience level.   

Guide to Basic Cork Rigs to Catch Catfish

The basic floater, or cork as they are often called, is an intricate part of the catfish catching puzzle. Regardless of whether the floater is simply clamped onto the fishing line above a hook, rigged as a slip cork to facilitate easy casting, or part of a Carolina rig, those of us that enjoy catching and eating catfish are intimately familiar with our corks. There are many ways a cork rig is used to present bait to catfish: let’s look at a few of most popular methods. 

Mastering Bow Hunting Preparation

You can watch a buck all year, pattern his movements, know which field he will eat in every morning, and where he beds after that.  There is a whole trail cam folder on your computer to prove it.  You have the perfect stand placement to intercept him.  Finally the wind is blowing perfectly in your favor.  You have waited all year for this.  You step out of your truck into the cool crisp morning air, gather your gear, and start your hike in.  Your phone vibrates.  You ignore it and keep walking.  Five minutes later it starts ringing.  Frantically now you reach into your pocket to stop the noise! Pulling it out you fumble it onto the ground.

Guide to Moose Hunting in North America

For a western big game hunter, walking up to a moose is how whitetail hunters from the east feel as they approach their downed elk. You need to see and touch a moose’s imposing hulk of body and antlers to really appreciate the creature. Few hunters will experience the feeling, but those that do go moose hunting can have an unparalleled adventure with North America’s largest deer species.  

The History of Elk Hunting in Pennsylvania

The history of elk hunting in Pennsylvania is a story of renewed opportunities. Elk were once hunted to extinction in Pennsylvania. The forests where native elk once lived are now providing habitat for descendants of Rocky Mountain elk. Over a century has passed since the first Yellowstone elk were transplanted into the north central region of the state and conservation efforts have caused significant annual herd growth in the last few decades. This elk population increase has led the Pennsylvania Game Commission to conduct annual elk hunts in Pennsylvania. In 2001, 30 licensed elk hunters harvested 27 elk. These were the first elk taken during a Pennsylvania elk hunting season in over 70 years.

Hunting The Bear and Reflecting on a Life Well Spent

Irving Torchinsky waited patiently in his hunting stand, enduring the Canadian cold for a chance at hunting the bear. He managed to get there despite being 100% disabled, with no feeling whatsoever in the bottom of his feet — he’s learned to walk okay while keeping balance but says, “standing still is the most difficult.” The 84-year-old hunter held his Henry lever action .308 wildlife edition (a suitable replacement for a lefty who finds it nearly impossible to find a proper bolt-action) while watching the beavers hanging from the trees, all serving as bait for the bears. While it wasn’t the exact situation he had dreamed about when it came to hunting a bear, it was still better than he could have hoped for at this point in his life.

Duck Calls 101: Mastering the Art of Duck Calling

So, you want to start duck hunting but you don’t know where to begin, or maybe you’re a seasoned hunter who just needs a little refresher course before heading back out into wilds. In either case, it’s vital to understand the importance of the duck call as they can easily be the difference between success and failure when out on the hunt. Whether you’re a beginner looking to dive into the world of duck hunting or a seasoned hunter, mastering the art of duck calls is crucial. In this iSportsman 101 guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of duck calling, covering everything from types of calls to when and how to use them effectively.

Mountain Bikes 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Mountain biking, an exhilarating outdoor activity, has gained immense popularity over the years for its unique blend of adventure and connection with nature. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply looking for a refreshing outdoor hobby, mountain biking offer a perfect escape. In this article, we’ll explore the basics of mountain biking, discuss the various types of mountain bikes, and highlight three top picks in 2024: the IBIS Ripmo V2S, Giant Talon 29 1, and Polygon Siskiu T8.

Nevada Elk Hunting 101

Rocky Mountain Elk, scientifically known as Cervus canadensis, are one of the most iconic animals of the American wilderness. These magnificent creatures, with their impressive antlers and impressive stature, captivate the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Elk are famous for their resilience, adaptability, and sheer beauty, making them a cherished species among hunters. In this article, we’ll cover general information about the species itself, basic tips and tricks, as well everything else you need to know about Nevada elk hunting.

The Best Ballistic Calculator Options

A ballistic calculator enables hunters to calculate the trajectory of their ammunition, taking into account various factors such as bullet weight, muzzle velocity, and environmental conditions. In this article, we will delve into four prominent ballistics calculators specifically designed for hunters: the Hornady Ballistic Calculator, Shooters Calculator, Federal Premium Ballistic Calculator, and Winchester Ballistic Calculator.

Alaska Moose Hunting 101

Alaska’s vast wilderness offers a unique and thrilling experience for hunting enthusiasts, particularly those seeking the challenge of pursuing the majestic moose. In this guide, we’ll cover the essential aspects of Alaska moose hunting, from obtaining a hunting license to tracking draw winners and exploring additional moose-related opportunities in the state’s expansive landscapes.

Elk Hunting in Colorado: Pursuing Majesty

Elk hunting in Colorado is not just a sport; it’s a thrilling adventure in the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains. The Centennial State is famous for its abundant elk population, providing hunters with an amazing experience in the heart of nature. While the current season may have just ended, it’s never too early to begin planning for next year to make sure you get your shot at one of these inspiring creatures. To help you out, we will explore why elk hunting in Colorado is worth your time, the essential steps to embark on this exciting journey, and specific insights into two prime locations — Fort Carson and Air Force Academy — that stand out for elk hunting enthusiasts.

30-30 vs. 45-70: Which is Best?

It’s important to choose the right kind of ammunition when it comes to hunting. Two of the most popular choices for big game hunting are the 30-30 and 45-70 caliber cartridges — each has distinct characteristics that are essential to understand for a successful hunt. Here, we’ll compare 30-30 and 45-70 caliber ammo, exploring how and why to choose between them when hunting.

Fishing and Hunting Expos in June

Every hunter and fisherman should head out to an expo to meet like-minded individuals and stay up to date on all the latest gear releases. They are a wonderful experience to have in an increasingly digital world—it’s nice to meet other enthusiasts in person. Fortunately, the team here at iSportsman has rounded up some of the best hunting and fishing expos happening throughout the rest of June. Give expos a chance and see if you can make it to one of these many locations—you won’t regret it.

Millennium Marine Rod Tree and Rod Pod

What if trolling multiple rods could be relaxing? Well, Millennium Marine has done just that, releasing their new Millennium Marine Rod Tree and Rod Pod. The Millennium Marine Spyderlock Rod Tree allows anglers to run up to three rods on each side of the boat in perfect symmetry without tangling lines. Don’t worry about saltwater erosion, the Millennium Marine Spyderlock Rod Tree is carefully crafted with anodized, low-glare finish aluminum with stainless steel hardware. With the Millennium Marine Spyderlock Rod Tree, you are not inhibited by angles or adjustments either, as the patented Spyderlock technology provides countless adjustments and secure locking angles.   

New Turkey Seat From Millennium: TUO3 Field Pro

If you are gearing up for spring turkey season then you are also gearing up to sit—a lot. But the sitting part of your spring pastime doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, with the Millennium TU03 Filed Pro Turkey Seat now available in Mossy Oak, you can keep your backside up off the ground which is often cold and unpleasant on those frigid spring mornings. Offering superior posterior and back support, the Millennium TUO3 Pro Turkey Seat also gives you a slight elevation allowing hunters to further as toms sneak over a rise or step in from cover.

Swagger Bipods QD 42 Increases Hunt Success

Made in the USA, Swagger Bipods incorporate high-performance with quality. The QD42 bipod is no different, combining the Quick Adapt Technology from the original Hunter Series and the Quick Detach design from the QD series, the QD42 offers the most versatile shooting system on the market.

Customize With New Bow Spider Color Collection

The Bow Spider is the ultimate solution for bow hunters who want to keep their bow secure and easily accessible while on the go. The lightweight and durable design allows for easy attachment to your belt or backpack, and the long bolts provide multiple options for securing your bow. With new color options, you can now choose a Bow Spider that matches your hunting gear and personal style.

Garmin inReach Mini Connects You in Peak Deer Season

As November approaches, hunters across the country eagerly prepare for the peak of deer season. The crisp air, changing leaves, and the thrill of the hunt make it a favorite time of year for many outdoor enthusiasts. However, venturing into the wilderness during deer season often means going off the grid, leaving behind the convenience of cell phone reception. That’s where the Garmin inReach Mini comes into play: This compact device is a lifesaver for hunters, providing a lifeline to the outside world when they need it most.

Stone Glacier Gear: Get the Best of Everything All at Once

Stone Glacier takes hunting seriously, striving to provide the most light-weight hunting solutions from sleeping set-ups, tents, packs, and apparel. If you are aiming to minimize your gear weight in order to maximize your carry-out capabilities, then Stone Glacier gear has the best on the market for every outdoor need. 

Inside the Confluence Group: A Closer look

The Confluence Group, an iSportsman marketing partner and leading content creation and marketing agency, has named John Brown Jr. to the newly created position of Director of Television & Video Services. Brown, a native of Louisiana, recently returned to his home state after living and working nearly 20 years in South Carolina where he most recently served as Executive Producer for the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) in Edgefield, S.C.

Protecting Key Deer in the Florida Keys

On average, the African Rhinoceros has a protective layer of skin ranging anywhere from 1.5 to 5 centimeters thick–rendering most assaults on the multi-ton rhino obsolete. Saltwater crocodiles are equipped with a formidable jaw capable of clamping down more than 16,460 newtons of bite force on their enemies. Compare this to a lion’s measly force of about 4,000 newtons of force, and you have a mechanism of defense that outcompetes most other predators.

Backcountry Hunting: Going After Swamp Bucks

He talked a lot about hunting swamp bucks, finding their bedding areas, and getting in close to kill them. The exact opposite of what I have been doing. Maybe that’s what attracted me to that style of hunting.

Top 8 Hunting Camp and Family Trip Combo Locations

What if you could plan a hunting trip that was also fun for the whole family, but didn’t necessarily mean bringing them all up in the tree stand with you? We found eight great camping spots across the country that have something every can enjoy: unique lodging amenities, scenic hiking opportunities, fishing and more. It’s time to plan something fun for everyone!

San Diego Hunting: Deer Season Tips

Not every story you read on this website is a success story because life is not a total success and we like to portray life as it truly is in the outdoors. Our success is not often judged on trophy kills or monster fish. Many times our success lies in the lessons we learn along the way which make us better outdoorsmen. This is one such story.

I honestly think that deer hunting in San Diego County (D16 Zone) is one of the most difficult zones to hunt if you do not have access to private land. California Fish and Game report a success rate of approximately 6% in 2013. In 2014 they decided to make D16 a premium zone which requires you to enter a drawing to obtain one of the 3,000 tags the issue for this zone a season.

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree With iSportsman

It’s a classic Christmas tradition, bundling up the family to go cut your own Christmas tree. If you are the type to not shy away from the ultimate do-it-yourself holiday spirit, then read on for more information on iSportsman locations perfect for Christmas tree cutting.

Where to Find Morel Mushrooms

Morel hunting season is in full swing! These easy to identify and greatly sought-after mushrooms begin to pop up as the weather gets warmer. Morels are one of the most coveted mushrooms among enthusiasts for their out-of-this-world taste. With a little salt, pepper and butter, sauteing these beauties delivers a magical steak-like flavor. 

Whitetail Hunting Tips for the Preseason

The forest is a dynamic place, changing from year to year. Recently cut areas with abundant sunlight grow thick, while established woodlands or pine plantations open as the perpetual shade suppresses the understory. Areas where deer bedded one year, may not hold them the next. It’s critical to identify these spots and understand their proximity to current food sources. Don’t just rely on the old, “deer are in there every year mentality.” Even if you’ve hunted a property for years, it pays to slip some boots on, spray down with insect repellant and take a hike through or near the key areas you’ll be hunting this fall.

Recommended Items for Alligator Hunt

Fort Stewart began their alligator season August 19th, and for the curious and able, hunting these massive prehistoric creatures is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you’re planning an alligator hunting trip, you have probably already done your research on the best practices and regulations in your destined area. But before setting out, make sure you have the right gear and tools to increase your chances of success. This brief guide will direct you to everything you’ll need for an unforgettable alligator hunting experience. 

The Ultimate Venison Lasagna Recipe

A staple in many American homes, most people agree lasagna is wholesome comfort food. As I tried to recreate a recipe for lasagna using venison, I had come to the realization that store-bought ingredients just won’t do for this. I took it a step further and decided to make the ingredients from scratch. The pasta, tomato sauce, and ricotta are all scratch-made in this dish. Making them from scratch not only makes the dish more memorable to you but shows more respect for the animal. This dish will not only create a memory for you, but also for those that eat it. Those memories help that animal be remembered forever.

Frog Gigging For Beginners

If you’re looking for a fun new way to experience the outdoors during the offseason, try your hand at frog gigging. Frog gigging may sound like a bunch of frogs going on a concert tour if you’ve never heard of it before, but it’s just another way of saying “frog hunting.”

Hunting Season: Practice Makes Perfect

It seems like it was only a few days ago that we still had snow on the ground here in Western Pennsylvania. The summer has slipped by us and the time is getting closer to climb up a tree to wait for the majestic whitetail. I’ve shot in several 3D archery shoots this summer and hope to make it to at least one more, but there are a few other skills I like to focus on while practicing in my backyard to help me be as prepared as possible when I take to the woods this hunting season.

The Finest Javelina Hunts Available from iSportsman

Javelina hunting is a great hunting activity for enthusiasts seeking to both challenge themselves and contribute to conservation. iSportsman offers exciting javelina hunts at various locations, each providing a distinct environment and set of challenges. In this article, we’ll delve into the best javelina hunts available through iSportsman at Fort Bliss, Fort Huachuca, and Yuma Proving Grounds.

Birch Tree Tapping at USAG Alaska

In the world of outdoor recreation, there exists a sweet and rewarding tradition: birch tree tapping. This age-old practice involves extracting sap from birch trees, a process rooted in both indigenous cultures and contemporary eco-conscious movements. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of birch tree tapping, exploring its history, methods, uses, and ecological significance; plus, we also highlight an Alaskan iSportsman location that’s great for tapping.

2023-2024 iSportsman Youth Deer Hunts for New Hunters

The most important aspect of hunting is the history and tradition that it carries through the generations. To continue this time-honored tradition, we’ve rounded up the iSportsman youth deer hunts available this season.