4 Fox Hunting Locations From iSportsman

December 18, 2023

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

When you imagine fox hunting, you probably imagine a British countryside amass with barking hounds and a posh guy on horseback. And while that is the more televised personification of fox hunting, there are other options available. If you’re looking to try something new, we have four iSportsman locations perfect for fox hunting this season.  

Fort Eisenhower, Georgia Fox Hunting 

fox hunting

Fort Eisenhower, Georgia is home to two species of fox: the red fox, and the grey fox. While the two are slightly different in appearance, they are very similar in behavior. Like deer, these foxes are crepuscular. Unlike deer, foxes have an easier time adapting to a wide range of habitats. While both species of fox aid the local ecosystem by controlling small mammal populations, an over-population of either can be troublesome.  

Fortt Eisenhower offers over 50,000 acres of land available for hunting game, and fox season runs from December 1ST to February 29th. Visit the Fort Eisenhower iSportsman portal for more information. 

Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

Far from the imagery of scenic British Isles, we travel to Ohio for our next fox hunting destination. Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio is home to red foxes, and though Ohio as a state has seen a decline in overall red fox populations in the last decade the critter is common enough that some furbearing opportunities are available. Wright-Patterson AFB’s fox hunting season runs from November 10th to January 31st and you can visit the Wright-Patterson AFB iSportsman portal to obtain your hunting permit 

USMA-West Point, New York Fox hunting 

In New York, trapping red foxes has been a popular pastime for decades. Red foxes breed in New York from December to April, with a peak between January and February. At West Point, fox hunting trapping season runs from October 25th to February 15th. If you find yourself in scenic update New York this winter check out USMA-West Point’s iSportsman portal for more information on how to obtain your hunting permit. 

Atterbury-Muscatatuck, Indiana

Indiana is also home to both red and grey foxes, where they both play an important role as an ecosystem maintaining predator and part of Indiana’s fur harvest. At Atterbury-Muscatatuck enthusiasts can enjoy the base’s nearly 5,000 acres of natural land. Atterbury’s fox hunting and trapping season runs from October 15th to March 15th, so there is plenty of time to visit the Atterbury-Muscatatuck iSportsman portal and obtain your hunting permit.

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