Your Guide to Angling at Quantico

March 21, 2024

Connor Merritt

Connor Merritt

Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) is an angler’s paradise, offering fishermen an opportunity to reel in prized catches amidst beautiful scenery. Trout angling enthusiasts are in for a treat as MCBQ undertakes its annual trout stocking program; plus, the base has many other wonderful fishing opportunities for everyone.

Trout Restocking


From late February until mid-April, trout are stocked in both the Secon Pool (for youth angling only) and the Chopawamsic Trout Waters in 6C, ensuring exciting angling experiences for enthusiasts of all ages. Check out this map for more trout information. Plan your trip here.

Other Fishing Opportunities

However, the trout-stocked waters are just the beginning of MCBQ’s fishing offerings. The Potomac River and Quantico and Chopawamsic Creeks offer access to tidal freshwater fishing, boasting an array of species including largemouth bass and migratory fish such as striped bass. Anglers may also encounter the elusive snakehead, an invasive species listed by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (VDWR). While catch and release are permitted, anglers must adhere to regulations mandating the disposal of snakehead if captured.


For those eager to explore MCBQ’s fishing spots, the MCBQ Fishing Map is an invaluable resource. This map outlines the locations of all lakes, ponds, and designated trout waters, ensuring anglers make the most of their trip.

Angling Rules and Regulations

To maintain accountability, anglers must utilize the iSportsman system to check in and out of water bodies. Fishing hours vary depending on the location: tidal fishing areas such as Chopawamsic Creek, Joe Fox, and Quantico Creek allow 24-hour fishing access, provided anglers adhere to the check-in/check-out protocol. Meanwhile, non-tidal fishing areas permit angling from one hour before sunrise to one hour past sunset, offering ample opportunities to pursue the catch of the day.

Whether it’s the thrill of landing a prized trout or the tranquility of casting a line amidst nature’s beauty, MCBQ is a great destination for anglers seeking adventure. With iSportsman facilitating the fishing experience, enthusiasts can enjoy angling while relishing the scenic wonders of MCBQ’s fishing areas. So pack your gear, grab your rod, and embark on a memorable angling journey at Marine Corps Base Quantico today!

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