New iSportsman JBLM Partnership Live Now

August 10, 2023

Connor Merritt

Connor Merritt

Joint Base Lewis-McChord recently partnered with iSportsman to upgrade their outdoor recreational offerings. The iSportsman service launched for members of the base on June 1, and is currently active in streamlining the outdoor experience on JBLM for both outdoor recreationists and management. It’s now easier than ever to enjoy all the outdoor activities available with iSportsman JBLM while adhering to regulations and ensuring proper conservation practices are safely being followed.

iSportsman JBLM

Dennis Buckingham, left, Joint Base Lewis-McChord biologist, explains the origins of an oak gall to volunteers on National Public Lands Day Sept. 22.

What iSportsman JBLM Offers 

iSportsman launched in 2007 and their solution now being offered at JBLM is designed to make experiencing the outdoors as easy as possible, by removing all the hassle and keeping all the fun. Thanks to the iSportsman system’s efficient design and easy-to-use interface account registration, permit purchasing, interactive map use, harvest reporting, and more — JBLM is now more accessible than ever before! 

Dennis Buckingham, Directorate of Public Works biologist and Hunting and Fishing program manager at JBLM said “Users will find it much better than the current system.” Allowing JBLM to make more areas available to recreationists than ever before.  

To make the most of the new iSportsman JBLM solution, members on the base should check out all the outdoor recreational opportunities now easily available at their fingertips. 

Hunting and Fishing with iSportsman JBLM

iSportman JBLM makes it simpler than ever before to access all the recreation the base has to offer — from hunting and fishing to hiking and more, enjoying the outdoors has never been easier. 

Hunting is one of the premier ways to enjoy the outdoors at JBLM, due to the base having some of the rarest and most diverse ecosystems in the area. Hunters can choose to go after deer, elk, bear, waterfowl, upland birds, pheasants and more across the beautiful Oregon white oak woodlands, Puget lowland prairies, conifer forests and artesian wetlands available on the lands. No matter what kind of hunter you are, you’ll find something to enjoy on the base. 

iSportsman JBLM

A youth hunter gets coaching during a September Youth Pheasant Hunt at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. JBLM strives to make the hunting experience on base safe, enjoyable and productive for participants. Every year dozens of experienced hunters, most retired service members, volunteer their time to help make this happen. (Courtesy Photo provided by Mr. Pedroza)

Fishermen are in luck too, because the base also has plenty of excellent opportunities for the all the anglers out there. With fish including salmon, trout, bass, catfish and more all available on the base, fishermen will have an easy time finding something they want to catch. Combined with the environmental variety offered by the many rivers in the area and the kettle lakes throughout, anglers will never run out of fun ways to spend their time outdoors.

iSportsman JBLM

Other Outdoor Recreation on Base

iSportsman JBLM

Aside from traditional hunting and fishing, JBLM also has a host of other activities accessible to outdoor recreationists. If you love trekking through the outdoors, you can try hiking, or horseback riding, on one of their many nature trails. And if you prefer something a little more relaxing you can try out bird watching on the base. For anyone interested in going on a water adventure, check out the base’s kayaking and canoeing opportunities — this is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors personally. If none of this strikes your fancy, don’t worry! The base has plenty of outdoor opportunities available for everyone, no matter what your interest or hobby. 

Upcoming Outdoor Events

While the base offers outdoor recreation opportunities all the time, they also host special events throughout the year. Here are some upcoming ones to look forward to: 

  • Eagle’s Pride Bird Walk — Aug 17, 2023, 8 AM-12 PM — Go on a bird walking adventure through the base’s Eagle’s Pride Golf Course. You’ll go on a 3.2-mile trek across a range of Douglas-fir, Garry oak and big-leaf maple trees overhead. Enjoy the forests of the Northwest while seeing local birds on this entertaining hike. 
  • Sporting Clays — Aug 19, 2023, 10:30 AM — Join other marksmen on the shooting range for a sporting clay target shoot. Put your skills to the test and enjoy the thrill of competition while experiencing the great outdoors of JBLM. 

Thanks to JBLM’s partnership with iSportsman, members of the base can easily enjoy activities in more areas than ever before, while improving the overall environmental safety and security of the land at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!

Read about iSportsman’s partnership with Cavazos on iSportsmanUSA. 
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