Alaska Moose Hunting 101

February 23, 2024

Connor Merritt

Connor Merritt

Alaska’s vast wilderness offers a unique and thrilling experience for hunting enthusiasts, particularly those seeking the challenge of pursuing the majestic moose. In this guide, we’ll cover the essential aspects of Alaska moose hunting, from obtaining a hunting license to tracking draw winners and exploring additional moose-related opportunities in the state’s expansive landscapes.

1. Purchasing an Alaska Big Game Hunting License:

Before embarking on an Alaska moose hunting adventure, securing the appropriate license is paramount. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) oversees hunting regulations and licensing. To apply for an Alaska big game hunting license, follow these steps:

  • Determine Eligibility: Confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria set by the ADFG, which may include residency requirements, age restrictions, and completion of a hunter education course.
  • Online Application and Purchase: Visit the ADFG website or use the online licensing system to submit your moose hunting license. Be sure to provide accurate information and adhere to application deadlines.
  • Tagging and Fees: Understand the tagging requirements and associated fees for moose hunting. Tags are often limited, and fees may vary based on residency and other factors.

2. How to Apply for Alaska Moose Draw Hunts

Alaska moose

One of the most popular ways to hunt moose in Alaska is through the state’s draw hunts. These hunts are available to both residents and nonresidents, and involve the hunter paying an application fee with hunts then awarded by lottery. Here’s how you can enter the drawing:

3. Tracking Draw Winners:

Many moose hunting opportunities in Alaska are allocated through a draw system to ensure sustainable wildlife management. Here’s how you can track draw winners:

  • Check the ADFG Website: The ADFG regularly updates draw results on its website. Applicants can view the list of successful draw winners and alternates.
  • Receive Notifications: Successful draw winners are typically notified by mail or email. Ensure that your contact information is up-to-date in the ADFG system to receive timely notifications.
  • You can also manually look up winners using their online system here.
  • Alternatives: If unsuccessful in the draw, consider exploring other hunting opportunities, such as guided hunts or participation in community subsistence hunts.

4. More Alaska Moose Opportunities

Alaska moose

Aside from the draw system, Alaska offers various opportunities for moose hunting enthusiasts:

  • Tier II (Subsistence) Hunts: All Alaska residents are eligible, and this type of permit may be used when there’s not enough population of a given animal, but that animal has historically been an important source of food. Learn more about it here and apply online from November 1st through December 15th.
  • Registration Hunts: Registration hunts are available for both residents and nonresidents. These hunts generally do not limit the number of permits available, and the season closes when harvest goals are met. While these permits are available year-round, it’s important to check out the state’s hunting regulations to learn more about when that particular season and application period begins.
  • General Season: This is the most familiar type of hunting. If available, you just need to buy a license, get tags, and then follow the season dates and bag limits. You can apply for this at any time, though harvest tickets expire June 30 every year. You can apply online here.
  • Community Subsistence Hunts: Certain communities in Alaska conduct subsistence hunts, providing additional chances for hunters. Check here for information on these hunts.
  • Guided Hunts: Consider hiring a professional guide to enhance your moose hunting experience. Experienced guides can provide valuable insights, increase safety, and optimize your chances of a successful hunt.
  • iSportsman: USAG Alaska, in collaboration with iSportsman, offers a user-friendly platform for hunters looking to try their hand at moose. Utilize iSportsman to access information on hunting areas, check-in and check-out electronically, and stay updated on regulations and closures.


Alaska moose hunting is a thrilling endeavor that requires careful planning. From obtaining a moose hunting license to exploring alternative opportunities, hunters can maximize their experience in The Last Frontier. Take advantage of resources like the ADFG website and the USAG Alaska iSportsman platform to stay informed and make the most of your Alaska moose hunting adventure.

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