Go Elk Hunting in Colorado with the Air Force Academy Lottery

January 24, 2024

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Embark on a memorable adventure with the American Elk Hunting Lottery at the Air Force Academy with iSportsman. This exclusive opportunity to go elk hunting in Colorado invites outdoor enthusiasts to try their luck in securing a coveted elk hunting permit for an unforgettable experience in the stunning landscapes of the academy.

The lottery system ensures a fair chance for participants to access elk hunting grounds on the academy’s vast terrain. With limited permits available, winners will have the privilege of engaging in a rewarding pursuit of majestic elk.

Don’t miss your shot at this extraordinary opportunity. Enter the American Elk Hunting Lottery at iSportsman Air Force Academy, and embrace the chance to create lasting memories in the heart of nature. Apply today for a chance to be part of an exclusive hunting experience like no other!

Why American Elk Hunting in Colorado?

elk hunting in Colorado

The American elk is a symbol of the wild expanses of North America and with their imposing antlers and noble stature, elk present a thrilling challenge for hunters. These magnificent creatures roam diverse landscapes, from the Rockies to the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

The significance of American elk hunting extends beyond the thrill of the chase. It is an integral part of conservation efforts, as controlled hunting helps manage elk populations, preventing overgrazing and reducing the risk of disease transmission. Funds from hunting permits and licenses contribute to habitat restoration. This ensures the continued well-being of elk and other wildlife species.

American elk hunting is more than a recreational pursuit; it is a commitment to conservation and the preservation of a cherished American tradition. As hunters venture into the wild, they carry the responsibility of being stewards of the land, ensuring that future generations can also revel in the awe-inspiring experience of pursuing the magnificent American elk.

Air Force Academy General Guidelines and Procedures

Hunting on the Air Force Academy is open to the public and anyone can apply for the base’s elk lottery. It is a random lottery pull, with no preference for military members, veterans, youth or disabled hunters. The only thing you need is a State game license and a base hunting access permit, which is $25 for elk: You can purchase the access permit following these instructions.

When you hunt elk at the Air Force Academy, you’ll be escorted by Air Force Academy, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Staff; or other approved volunteers. This is for the security and safety of the base and all personnel and hunters in the area. The escorts are there to transport you to the proper location, and can provide some helpful instruction for hunting on the base, but they are not professional hunting guides — all hunters are expected to understand the basics of hunting and field dressing game.

elk hunting in Colorado

Before hunting, you’ll need to complete a safety briefing from the Natural Resources staff, as well as an Assumption of Risk waiver. You can bring guests (over the age of 12), but only on a space-available basis.

Hunters must follow all directions from their escort, and any unsafe practices will be met with a revoked permit.

You can find a map of the available elk hunting areas here. Once you’ve decided to go elk hunting in Colorado, the next step is entering into the base’s lottery.

American Elk Lottery and Season (Rifle-Only)

The Air Force Academy offers a lottery for cow elk through iSportsman. The application period began on January 1st, and will last through May 31st. The 2024 elk season starts October 1st and goes until January 31st, Monday–Friday.

The lottery drawing will take place sometime in early June, with the first ten randomly-drawn applicants receiving notification by mail in mid-June. Successful applicants will receive a Colorado Parks and Wildlife cow elk voucher from Natural Resources to purchase a license through a state licensing agent.  The cow elk licenses are additional tags that do not require preference points to be drawn.

There is no guarantee that you will receive a license voucher.  Elk hunting in Colorado is only conducted as-needed to meet population and habitat objectives.

Elk hunters are expected to be available on short notice when the herd of animals is on base.  Hunters may decline an opportunity to hunt only once and still retain their priority ranking.  Natural Resources tries to make reasonable accommodations for work schedules, vacations, illness, school commitments, etc.

For more information on elk hunting at the Air Force Academy, head to their website.

Learn more about elk hunting in Colorado on iSportsmanUSA.


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