Stone Glacier Gear: Get the Best of Everything All at Once

October 20, 2023

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Stone Glacier takes hunting seriously, striving to provide the most light-weight hunting solutions from sleeping set-ups, tents, packs, and apparel. If you are aiming to minimize your gear weight in order to maximize your carry-out capabilities, then Stone Glacier gear has the best on the market for every outdoor need. 

Stone Glacier Packs 

Stone Glacier

The cornerstone of the Stone Glacier product line, the Stone Glacier packs are designed and manufactured in the USA to bring the stealthiest and most durable pack solution available. Their lightest available pack, the Krux, weighs in at only 2lbs 12oz. The load shelf design that is available in all Stone Glacier packs allows users to expand the bag frame while keeping load weight closets to your back for superior comfort. With in-the-field testing Stone Glacier assures that the Krux can carry 340 lbs. with no damage, failure, or signs of stress.  

The Krux can be used as a pack frame for load hauling without an attached bag but is also compatible with all Stone Glacier bags. Available in multiple waist belt sizes, and measuring 26” in height, the Krux is great for mountaineers, young hunters, and everyone in between. 

Stone Glacier Apparel 

Stone Glacier

After mastering pack design systems, Stone Glacier set off to bring the same versatility to all other gear needed for a successful hunt.  With an acute focus on the features most necessary for long, cold, and damp ventures into the wilderness Stone Glacier apparel provides a multitude of series designed to keep you comfortable no matter your destination. 

The Helio mid-layer series remains a top seller due to its performance grid fleece insulation and innovative Stratum Layered Zipper System. The Stratum Layered Zipper System is a unique feature found in the Helio series allowing all the way to the skin venting for temperature regulation without needing to remove layers. The Stratum Layered Zipper System really shines in the design of the Helio zip-off-bottom that allows full mid-layer removal without the need to take off your outer layered pants or boot.  

Stone Glacier Sleeping Bags 

Unique compared to many, the Stone Glacier sleeping bags have been tested with the results readily available in complete transparency. When setting out to design sleeping bags, they found that a market-wide standard for temperature ratings didn’t exist. The most common and widely used temperature rating testing method is ISO 23537, and most commonly performed in the US by Kansas State University. They break down output into three buckets: 

T Comfort

Lower limit range in which the user is in a relaxed position, laying on their back and not feeling cold. This is found using the metabolic rate of a female, which is typically lower than males.  

T Limit

Lower limit of the range in which a user is in a curled-up position and not feeling cold.  This is found using the metabolic rate of a female, which is typically lower than males.  

T Extreme

Lower limit range in which the user is curled-up and at risk of health damage due to hypothermia. This is found using the metabolic rate of a female, which is typically lower than males.  

Though temperature testing is not required by many sleeping bag manufacturers, those who do test usually base the sleeping bag’s capabilities off of the T Limit results rounded up to the nearest 5 or 10-degree mark. Stone Glacier (and myself, as I’m writing this) found that ridiculous, and instead shares all three output results for a more comprehensive understanding of the sleeping bag’s capabilities.  

Stone Glacier Tents 

Stone Glacier

In 2019 Stone Glacier set off to tackle the most cumbersome of hunting gear—tents. Necessary, but large and finicky, it was their goal to make a tent that is easy to use, lightweight, and high quality. Their lightest tent, the Skyair Ult, is a one person, three season tent and weighs an impressive 8.24oz. The Skyscraper 2P is a two-person, four-season, tent weighing only 4lbs. and 9.3ozs.  

Stone Glacier tents were designed with the aid of industry leader Martin Zemitis, and these ultra-lightweight tents are affordable as well with the Skyair Ult coming in at $170 and the Skyscraper 2P at $645. 

Beyond providing top-of-the-line outdoor systems, Stone Glacier is also dedicated to conservation donating 1% of their annual profits and 1% of their staff’s time towards conservation and public access efforts. The company’s refreshing approach to outdoor gear and supplies makes them a great choice for your next outdoor adventure needs. 

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