Millennium Marine Rod Tree and Rod Pod

July 12, 2021

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

What if trolling multiple rods could be relaxing? Well, Millennium Marine has done just that, releasing their new Millennium Marine Rod Tree and Rod Pod. The Millennium Marine Spyderlock Rod Tree allows anglers to run up to three rods on each side of the boat in perfect symmetry without tangling lines. Don’t worry about saltwater erosion. The Millennium Marine Spyderlock Rod Tree has anodized, low-glare finish aluminum with stainless steel hardware. With the Millennium Marine Spyderlock Rod Tree, angles or adjustments won’t inhibit you either. The patented Spyderlock technology provides countless adjustments and secure locking angles.

Organize Your Fishing Gear in Style

The Millennium Marine Rod Tree is a versatile and space-saving tool for securing fishing rods on boats or docks. With its durable aluminum construction, it can withstand the harshest marine environments. The Rod Tree can accommodate up to four fishing rods, keeping them upright and preventing tangles. Its adjustable height and rotation feature allow anglers to customize the setup to their preferences. This ensures that their rods are easily accessible while fishing.

Complementing the Rod Tree is the Millennium Marine Rod Pod, which takes organization to the next level. This multifunctional storage system can hold up to eight fishing rods, making it perfect for group outings or storing an extensive collection. The Rod Pod is designed to fit into standard-sized rod holders, making it easy to mount on boats or docks.

Both the Rod Tree and Rod Pod are designed with convenience and durability in mind, constructed to resist the corrosive effects of saltwater and UV rays. These products are essential for any angler looking to maintain a clutter-free and efficient fishing setup, ensuring that their gear remains in top condition for many successful fishing trips to come.

Millennium Marine Spyderlock Rod Pod

The Spyderlock Rod Pod has similar benefits to the Rod Tree while allowing anglers to clear space and refine presentations. The Spyderlock Rod Pod also consists of the same low-glare finish anodized aluminum, allowing for 360 degrees and 180-degree vertical adjustment. Both products offer 360 degrees swivel technology with a 180-degree vertical mount compatible with either the R-101 base plate or TS series track system. ($210/Rod Tree, $97/Rod Pod; 

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