Hunt Wild Hogs and Bring on the Bacon With iSportsman

September 25, 2023

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Here in Virginia, wild hogs are classified as “any swine that are wild or for which no proof of ownership can be made.” And since they’re a nuisance species in VA and many other places across the country, there is a continuous open season for wild hog with no bag limit. There also seems to be no limit to how you can go about your wild hog hunt, with helicopter hog hunting trips being the next (and admittingly fun looking) big thing. However, for those more tame of heart who would prefer a less adrenaline packed hog hunt we’ve gathered a couple of iSportsman-managed locations where hog hunting is available.

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Wild Hogs at Joint Base Charleston

South Carolina has a massive wild boar population of about 450,000 and residents consider wild hog hunting an enjoyable pastime. At Joint Base Charleston, wild hog hunting has no restrictions in regards to bag limit, weight, or sex. Hunters can take wild hogs at JB Charleston during scheduled deer hunts; special dog hunts are also useful for population control. You can visit the JB Charleston iSportsman Portal for more information on how to access this wild hog hunting opportunity.

Fort Gordon

Out of the 45 states that harbor a population of wild boar, Georgia is home to about 600,000 of them. Thankfully, wild hog populations are more in control now than ever. That’s why there is a limited population of feral hogs at Fort Gordon available for sport. However, recreationists can still hunt the wild hogs during any open season. Fort Gordon even has a dedicated hog hunting season for enthusiasts seeking a particular sex or weight. Visit the Fort Gordon iSportsman Portal for more information on recreating at this Georgia destination.

And because I mentioned bacon in the title of this piece, I wanted to leave you all with a wild boar bacon recipe. Keep in mind while out in the field that the key to good bacon is the belly on the pig. So tagging a mature, round, hog will result in the best bacon for weeks to come. For more wild game breakfast break-downs, check out this shaved venison bagel recipe on iSportsmanUSA.

Learn why wild hog hunting is important on iSportsmanUSA.


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