Environmental Stewardship Award Bestowed on West Virginia

July 18, 2023

Connor Merritt

Connor Merritt

Earlier this year, the West Virginia (WV) branch of the Army National Guard (ARNG) received the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Award. This is the highest conservational recognition the Army National Guard can give, and it signifies that the WV branch is performing exemplarily in its duty of environmental stewardship and sustainability. iSportsman understands the importance of conservation in maintaining a sustainable future and ensuring our natural world is preserved for the military, outdoor recreation and more, and we wanted to highlight the great efforts displayed by the WVARNG in helping achieve this goal. 

The Army National Guard’s Environmental Stewardship Award

Mid-Atlantic united states environmental stewardship award

This is the highest conservational recognition the ARNG can give, and it signifies that the West Virginia branch is performing exemplarily in its duty of environmental stewardship and sustainability. To determine the winner of this award, the ARNG judges based on four different criteria: cleanup, conservation, technological innovation, and planning. Cleanup relates primarily to the remediation of existing environmental issues. Conservation concerns the ability to prevent wasteful use. Technological Innovation is about new developments in technology that aid conservation. And planning is the ability to comply with environmental laws and regulations. 

Why the WVARNG Won the Environmental Stewardship Award 

  • WVARNG excelled in the cleanup category, for their policies concerning harmful chemicals like Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and lead. 

  • In the planning category, the WVARNG was acknowledged for their completion of the National Environmental Policy Act and Environmental Condition of Property assessments. 

  • WVARNG also received high marks in the conservation category thanks to their maintenance of military training lands, coordinated controlled burns and population surveys of local fauna. 

Maj. Gen. Bill Crane, adjutant general said, “I am incredibly proud of this award and give credit to the men and women of the West Virginia National Guard who emphasize environmental stewardship in their everyday actions.” It’s important to remember that conservation isn’t an individual effort; instead, it’s the work of everyone that comes together that makes a difference. So, congratulations to the WVARNG for their efforts in conservation — here’s hoping that their display inspires others to preserve the environment as well.  

Conservation of our environment is vital to our lives as Americans, and iSportsman is dedicated to doing our part. That’s why iSportsman designed iSportsmanARX, iSportsmanGX, and HazRDS with conservation in mind. 

Read the original article on the Army’s website. 

Learn how the REPI is helping bases achieve their conservation goals on iSportsmanUSA. 
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