Explore iSportsman in the Southwest U.S.

With some of the most striking scenery in the country, this region of the United States offers a true getaway from the doldrums of everyday life. From the majestic red rock canyons of Arizona to the vast desert landscapes of New Mexico and the enchanting national parks of Utah, this corner of the country offers some outstanding and unique opportunities for all outdoor recreationists. Whether you’re captivated by the striking colors of the setting sun over the Grand Canyon or intrigued by the ancient petroglyphs that adorn the cliffs of Chaco Culture National Historical Park, the Southwest is a paradise for anyone curious about the rugged beauty of the American wilderness. 

iSportsman locations are the best choice for anyone looking to participate in the outdoor activities of this region. Embark on thrilling desert hunts for mule deer in the arid lands of Arizona and discover the joy of hunting in the Southwest. If you prefer water-based adventures, you can also opt for something a little cooler with some coastal California fishing or go kayaking along the Colorado River. No matter what, the Southwest’s iSportsman locations guarantee an invigorating natural experience amid some of the most striking scenery on the planet. 

Southwest iSportsman: Arizona

Fort Huachuca

Fort Huachuca, in southeastern Arizona, is a great hunting spot for all active-duty and retired military personnel. There’s a wide variety of hunting available on site, meaning there’s something for every type of hunter: bear, javelina, turkey, deer, and pronghorn antelope. Get started with your hunting trip at Fort Huachuca with iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Huachuca.

Luke Air Force Base

If you’re in the Glendale, Arizona area and looking for outdoor recreation opportunities, check out Luke Air Force Base. Whether you’re a civilian, active-duty member, veteran, or youth, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. Among the most popular are hunting and fishing, so be sure to check out iSportsman for all your outdoor recreation needs. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Luke AFB.

Yuma Proving Ground

Located in southwest Arizona, Yuma Proving Grounds offers a variety of recreational activities for active-duty military personnel, and veterans. Hunt mule deer, big horn sheep, and pronghorn antelope with firearms or bows at YPG. Make sure you know what is and isn’t available when you visit, using iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Yuma Proving Ground.

Southwest iSportsman: California

Edwards Air Force Base

Edwards Air Force Base, located in sunny southern California, offers a wide range of recreational activities for everyone, including civilians, active-duty members, veterans, and youth. From hunting and fishing to ATV riding, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With Edwards Air Force Base iSportsman, you can easily plan your next adventure. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Edwards AFB.

Fort Hunter-Liggett

​California’s Fort Hunter-Liggett is open to the public, active-duty service members, and veterans for hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreational opportunities. Popular for its big game hunting, such as elk and deer, FHL also offers opportunities for pig, coyote, jackrabbit, cottontail, dove, quail, and turkey. Use iSportsman to plan your next trip to Fort Hunter-Liggett and get outdoors. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Hunter-Liggett.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

​Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is located in Southern California and offers a variety of hunting and fishing opportunities for active-duty military, retired military, and DoD personnel. Camp Pendleton is also open for youth hunting, allowing the younger generation a chance to get out and hunt. For regular hunting opportunities, the camp holds weekly lotteries for waterfowl and deer while also featuring small game and coyote hunting. Visit Camp Pendleton with iSportsman for your next hunting trip. Learn more about recreation opportunities at MCB Camp Pendleton.

Vandenberg Air Force Base

​Vandenberg Air Force Base, located in the beautiful southwest region of California, offers a variety of recreational activities for individuals of all backgrounds, including civilians, active-duty personnel, veterans, and youth. Among the most popular activities available on the base are hunting and fishing, which can be enjoyed by all who visit. To ensure an enjoyable experience, plan your trip with iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Vandenberg AFB.

iSportsman Hawaii

Pohakuloa Training Area

Pohakuloa Training Area is a U.S. Army training base located on the island of Hawai’i that has a variety of outdoor opportunities available for both active-duty military personnel and civilians. PTA is well known for its archery-mammal hunting and game bird hunting opportunities, thanks to the island’s stunning scenery and exciting landscape. Make this most of your time at this beautiful location with iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Pohakuloa Training Area.

Southwest iSportsman: Utah

Hill Air Force Base​

Hill Air Force Base, located north of Salt Lake City, Utah, offers outdoor recreational opportunities to military affiliated personnel, veterans, service members, their families, and civilians. Known as a popular bow hunting and archery destination, Hill AFB has a healthy population of mule deer. Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy fishing, and so much more with Hill AFB iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Hill AFB.

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