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Welcome to the enchanting outdoors of the Southeast United States, a region renowned for its lush green wildlife and warm coastal waters. From the lush forests that cloak the Appalachian Mountains to the tranquil shores of the Gulf of Mexico, this region offers many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the wonders of nature. Whether you seek the thrill of hunting in dense woodlands, the tranquility of camping under a star-studded sky, or the joy of fishing in hidden waterways, the southeastern United States has it all, promising an unforgettable experience for adventurers of all ages. 

 For those eager to explore the southeastern United States, iSportsman locations stand out as prime destinations. These carefully selected areas not only boast stunning scenery but also provide access to a myriad of outdoor activities. Outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in a range of pursuits, including hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and more. With well-maintained trails and abundant wildlife, iSportsman Southeast locations offer the perfect blend of excitement and serenity. Whether you are a seasoned outdoorsman or a novice adventurer, these locations invite you to relish in the beauty of the southeastern United States. 

Southeast iSportsman Alabama

Fort Novosel

Fort Novosel is located in southeast Alabama and has many opportunities open to military personnel, veterans, civilians and their families. Come cast your reel in Buckhorn Lake or get ready for deer open season at Fort Novosel. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Novosel.

Southeast iSportsman Arkansas

Little Rock Air Force Base

Little Rock Air Force Base is situated in Pulaski County, Arkansas, near the city of Jacksonville. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy both hunting and fishing opportunities at LRAFB. The base is renowned for its shotgun and archery hunting, with a variety of game available, including white-tailed deer, rabbit, squirrel, quail, wild turkey, and coyote. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Little Rock AFB.

Southeast iSportsman Florida

Avon Park Air Force Range

This military training facility spans over 106,000 acres in Polk and Highlands Counties and offers roughly 82,000 acres of land for public use. In addition, there are over 2,500 acres reserved for active military, Department of Defense employees, and retired veterans. Visitors can enjoy a range of opportunities, including fishing, hunting, camping, and more. Plan your Air Avon Park Air Force Range adventure today with iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Avon Park AFR.

Eglin Air Force Base

​​Eglin Air Force Base, located on the western edge of the Florida Panhandle, offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities for military personnel, active-duty service members, retirees, and the public. The base gives recreationists a chance to explore the Timberlake Mountain Bike Trails, as well as access to hunting and fishing opportunities within the base. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Eglin AFB.

Tyndall Air Force Base

Tyndall Air Force Base boasts both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Hunting opportunities include alligator hunting, small game, and spring turkey. You can also go to simply enjoy their beaches. Located in Florida’s pan handle Tyndall Air Force Base has beautiful weather year-round. Find an outdoor activity for everyone with iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Tyndall AFB.

Southeast iSportsman Georgia

Fort Eisenhower

​Fort Eisenhower is the go-to spot for hunters and anglers looking to explore the vast wilderness of southeast Georgia. With over 50,000 acres of land available for hunting and a variety of game to choose from, including whitetail deer, dove, feral hog, and small game, Fort Eisenhower is a paradise for hunters. Anglers can also enjoy the 26 stocked lakes and numerous ponds and streams for fishing. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or expert angler, Fort Eisenhower has something for everyone. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Eisenhower.

Fort Moore

​Located in west central Georgia, Fort Moore has many hunting, fishing, and other recreational activities to offer. Activities are open to active-duty military personnel, veterans and federally employed civilians. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply looking to unwind, Fort Moore has something for everyone with iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Moore.

Fort Stewart

​​Located in eastern Georgia, Fort Stewart is the largest military installation east of the Mississippi River. Popular recreational activities include hunting and fishing, but Fort Stewart has so much more to offer with iSportsman! From kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking and more—Fort Stewart is open to veterans, active-duty members, and the public. Plan your trip with iSportsman to experience all that Fort Stewart has to offer. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Stewart.

Moody Air Force Base

​Moody Air Force base, located in south-central Georgia, provides recreational opportunities for active-duty military personnel, veterans, civilians and their families. Go camping, RV-ing, hiking, boating, rent out a cabin, cast a line, or prepare for the hunt at Moody AFB. Moody AFB also manages the nearby Mission Lake and Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area, both of which are open for recreation. Plan your trip today and get outdoors with iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Moody AFB.

Southeast iSportsman Louisiana

Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge

​The Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge is located in northeastern Louisiana and provides hunting and fishing opportunities to the general public. Tensas NWR is well known for its annual deer hunting season in November and December. The installation is also well known for its lottery hunt — make sure you don’t miss your opportunity and plan ahead with iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge.

Southeast iSportsman South Carolina

Fort Jackson

​​Fort Jackson, situated near Columbia, South Carolina, offers many outdoor activities for active duty and retired military personnel, DoD personnel, and members of the National Guard and reservists. Hunting enthusiasts can enjoy deer and turkey hunting, while those interested in other activities can indulge in fishing, cycling, and running on base. Participate in all the fort has to offer with iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Jackson.

Joint Base Charleston

​Joint Base Charleston is situated near the beautiful Atlantic Coast of South Carolina. In addition to military and DoD personnel, JB Charleston also welcomes the public to enjoy its many outdoor recreational activities, including fishing, and hunting for wild hogs, deer, and turkeys. Learn more about recreation opportunities at JB Charleston.

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