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Welcome to the captivating outdoors of the Mid-Atlantic United States. This region is blessed with great environmental variety in a very small amount of space. If you’re looking to experience many different types of landscapes in a little amount of time, then this part of the U.S. is the one for you. Nestled between the bustling cities of the East Coast and the tranquil beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, this area offers a perfect balance of scenic charm and outdoor adventures. From lush mountain forests and rolling hills to majestic rivers and pristine coastline, the Mid-Atlantic is a haven for nature enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. 

With a commitment to preserving and promoting the region’s natural environment, iSportsman offers an array of exciting activities for visitors to enjoy. Nature lovers can indulge in a variety of pursuits, including hiking along scent wind through the Appalachian Mountains, fishing in pristine rivers heading to the coast, and hunting different species that call the region home. While this area may be a bit more populated than most, there is still a plethora of opportunities available at iSportsman locations. So, whether you are seeking a relaxing nature trip or true test of you sportsman skills, the iSportsman locations in the Mid-Atlantic have everything you need. 

Mid-Atlantic iSportsman: Maryland

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Aberdeen Proving Ground is the hunting and outdoor recreation hotspot Maryland outdoor enthusiasts have been searching for! Aberdeen Proving Ground iSportsman features maps detailing all the designated hunting and recreational areas, so you can easily learn exactly where to go. The grounds are perfect for any Maryland hunting season, allowing archery and firearm hunting for turkey, deer, dove, and waterfowl, in addition to trapping opportunities. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Mid-Atlantic iSportsman: North Carolina

Fort Liberty

​Fort Liberty, situated in the heart of North Carolina, offers many fishing opportunities for visitors to enjoy. With its lush surroundings, the area is perfect for year-round hunting as well. To make the most of your fishing or hunting experience, plan your trip to Fort Liberty with iSportsman today. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Liberty.

iSportsman Pennsylvania

Fort Indiantown Gap

​Fort Indiantown Gap offers plenty of beautiful land to recreate on. With over 17,000 acres, there are opportunities for numerous types of activities; photography, wood gathering, birdwatching, scouting, fishing and hunting are all available at Fort Indiantown Gap. For hunting, the installation features robust firearm and archery opportunities for deer, small game, turkey, bear, spring turkey, coyote, and bobcat. The fort has something for every kind of recreationist with iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Indiantown Gap ANG.

iSportsman Virginia

Fort Barfoot

Fort Barfoot is situated in Nottoway County, Virginia. The base offers a range of recreational activities, including hunting, fishing, and boating, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to active-duty members, Fort Barfoot also provides activities for youth, making it a great place for families to enjoy the great outdoors together. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Barfoot ANG.

Fort Belvoir

​Fort Belvoir is a great destination in northern Virginia for outdoor enthusiasts. Hunting and fishing are particularly popular, but they have many other recreational activities as well. Whether you’re an active-duty member, veteran, or young person, you’re welcome to enjoy these activities on the installation. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Belvoir.

Fort Gregg-Adams

​Located in central Virginia, Fort Gregg-Adams offers year-round outdoor opportunities to civilians, active-duty service members, veterans, and youths. Bow hunters can qualify for a bow hunting permit at the Fort Gregg-Adams archery range, and firearm hunters can qualify at the privately owned weapons range. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Gregg-Adams.

Fort Walker

​Fort Walker is located near the town of Bowling Green, Virginia, and is a local favorite for outdoor opportunities, offering a wide variety of activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, boating and more. With its robust outdoor opportunity options, everyone can find something to do through iSportsman at Fort Walker. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Walker.

Joint Base Langley-Eustis

Located in southeast Virginia, Joint Base Langley-Eustis offers recreational opportunities to active-duty military personnel, veterans, and youths. In addition to the fan favorite deer season, JBLE also offers many fishing opportunities year-round. Discover all the opportunities for exploration and adventure with iSportsman today. Learn more about recreation opportunities at JB Langley-Eustis.

Marine Corps Base Quantico

​Located in Northern Virginia, Marine Corps Base Quantico offers many recreational activities for youth, veterans, civilians, and active-duty members. Quantico offers archery, fishing, hunting and more! Although white-tailed deer and wild turkey are the most popular game species, Quantico hunters can also enjoy pursuing waterfowl, rabbit, mourning dove, and grey squirrel. Learn more about recreation opportunities at MCB Quantico.

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