Its Time for Adventure With iSportsman Midwest

The Midwest United States is teeming with natural wonders and diverse landscapes. Stretching across vast plains, rolling hills and dense forests, the Midwest offers a variety of outdoor experiences suitable for any outdoor enthusiast. This part of the U.S. will captivate the hearts of every outdoor adventurer with the shores of the Great Lakes, meandering rivers and beautiful hills. This enchanting region boasts an impressive variety of outdoor opportunities that will help people immerse themselves in nature and experience the outdoors. 

When it comes to outdoor recreation in the Midwest U.S., no one does it better than iSportsman. Their well-managed areas offer a plethora of opportunities for recreational pursuits, including hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and more. Whether you’re aiming to reel in the abundant fish species that populate the region’s lakes and rivers, or a hunter looking to bag some big game, iSportsman locations provide a great environment to appreciate the wilderness. With our commitment to conservation and sustainable outdoor practices, iSportsman locations in the Midwest allow everyone to experience nature as originally intended while preserving the heritage of the land. 

Midwest iSportsman Indiana

Atterbury-Muscatatuck Training Center

​Located near Butlerville, Indiana, Atterbury-Muscatatuck Training Center is licensed and operated by the Indiana National Guard. It offers many recreational activities for active-duty members, veterans, and youths, including hunting, fishing, foraging, hiking, and more! Aside from these activities, the camp also allows for biking, dog running, and general water recreation. Recreationists can head to the base’s nearly 5,000 acres of natural land to enjoy the outdoors however they like. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Atterbury-Muscatatuck TC.

Midwest iSportsman Kentucky

Fort Knox

​Located in Kentucky, Fort Knox has plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreationists such as hunting, fishing, and wood cutting. Recreationists can hunt both deer and turkeys with either a bow or firearm. The base is also home to many lakes, such as Lake Carlson, Lake Crystal, and Lake Dickerson, that feature wonderful fishing possibilities. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Knox.

Midwest iSportsman Missouri

Fort Leonard Wood

​Located in central Missouri, Fort Leonard Wood offers experiences for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. iSportsman can direct you to Fort Leonard Wood maps, hunting regulations and season opening dates, firewood cutting permits, and more. iSportsman can help hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts make the most of their time on the fort. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort Leonard Wood.

Midwest iSportsman Ohio

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, situated in scenic southwest Ohio, is a hub of recreational activities for federal civilians, active-duty members, veterans, and the youth. The WPAFB Outdoor Recreation program offers a range of exciting activities, including hunting and fishing. Ohio deer hunts are particularly popular among visitors. Ensure the best possible visit with smart planning using iSportsman. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Wright-Patterson AFB.

Midwest iSportsman Wisconsin

Fort McCoy

​Fort McCoy offers hunting, fishing, and trapping opportunities to active and retired military members, government employees, and the public. The fort has over 60,000 acres of natural wonder, well-suited for wildlife and outdoor recreation. In addition to the popular deer hunting activities, Fort McCoy also has cold water streams and tributaries for fishing and other water activities. Aside from hunting and fishing, firewood cutting is also allowed. Learn more about recreation opportunities at Fort McCoy.

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