Gar Fishing for Record-Breakers

July 14, 2022

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

In early March, Rachel Harrison, from Adairsville, Georgia, was fishing on the Coosa River when she reeled in an impressive 31 pounds, 2 ounces longnose gar, according to The catch broke the previous state record of 30 pounds, 13 ounces. set almost a decade ago. This was the third state record to be broken so far this fishing season, proving the waters are producing great fish this year. 

How to Catch Your Own Gar 

If this inspires you to get on the water and start looking to hook your own record breaker, sources say gar are best found on the eastern coast and into the Gulf of Mexico. They love warm summer weather when they roll noisily near the surface during dawn and dusk. Found in all types of water, from oxbow lakes to in-flowing tributaries, these heavyweights require some specific gear. 

Game and Fish Magazine suggests 30- to 80-pound test line, a stout rod and a sturdy reel with an excellent drag, multiple hooks and live bait. Certain techniques, such as creating a noose for a gar’s nose, are also common. Outdoor Life recommends using a rope lure to tangle up the gar’s teeth and catch its attention given their naturally terrible eyesight. 

Additional Tips

The thrill of angling reaches new heights when you set your sights on the elusive and prehistoric gar. These ancient creatures, with their long snouts and armor-like scales, have fascinated anglers for generations. They are notorious for their size and strength, making them a prime target for those seeking a record-breaking catch.

To land a fish of epic proportions, you’ll need specialized gear and a strategic approach. Heavy-duty rods, sturdy lines, and sharp hooks are essential. The key lies in patience and precision, as gar are known for their cautious feeding habits. Cast your baited hook near their known habitats, such as slow-moving rivers or backwaters, and be prepared for a fierce battle.

Once you’ve hooked a record-breaking gar, the adrenaline rush is unparalleled. These magnificent fish can grow to astonishing sizes, with some exceeding 300 pounds. It’s a testament to the angler’s dedication and the fish’s tenacity. Just remember to practice catch-and-release, preserving these incredible creatures for future generations of anglers to admire and pursue.

Regardless of your tactics, most anglers agree that bringing in a big gar is one heck of a fight—making Harrison’s big catch even more impressive. Check out all things fishing from iSportsman, such as how to fish the fronts, five top bass structures, and best western spots for summer trout

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Photo courtesy of Unsplash. 


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