Trout Bait Top 4 Picks for Summer Fishing Fun

July 24, 2023

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Though the best time of year to fish for trout is springtime, summer bites are still possible. All you need is to gain an advantage over all the other anglers casting for the same big catch. iSportsman is here to help, with these four types of trout bait sure to give you the upper hand this summer. 

The HD Trout bait from Dynamic Lures

1. The HD Trout from Dynamic Lures

The HD Trout has become one of the most popular modern crankbaits for trout among fishermen and anglers throughout the United States. Fully designed and developed in Colorado, this small crankbait has a superior combination of casting distance, swimming action, maneuverability, and real life-like profile.  

The HD Trout from Dynamic Lures works in both high-current situations like rivers, streams, and creeks and non-current situations as in lakes, reservoirs, and ponds. This bait is a modern style fishing lure that brings realism to the trout fishing market. 

One satisfied patron shared, “I purchased two HD Trout on Saturday. Sunday, we went floating and between the two of us landed 33 trout in five hours. I caught over 20 and ALL my fish came from this lure.” 

The 1.5” Little Tough Guy Trout Bait from Gitzit

2. The 1.5” Little Tough Guy Trout Bait from Gitzit 

Hailed as a best seller for big trout, the Little Tough Guy from Gitzit comes in both a #6 hook cast in tin and a #4 hook cast in lead. Past patrons of the Little Tough Guy have recommended it as, “the most reliable fish catching jig.” Beyond being great for trout, the Little Tough Guy is also a fan favorite for crappie, bluegills, and ice fishing.  

The Little Tough Guy is so trusted by anglers to bring in big fish, that some have worn theirs down to the point of needing a replacement. “As you can see, I have caught so many fish jigging this bait, the tube skirt has a hole in it, and it is missing an eye.” Shared one testimonial, “With the Little Tough guy bait the color and tube style skirt made a big difference.”

The 2” Pee Wee Swim trout Bait from Gitzit

3. The 2” Pee Wee Swim Bait from Gitzit 

This classic lure from Gitzit was designed primarily for trout, crappie and panfish—though some have even had success with the Pee Wee reeling in small mouthed bass. The Pee Wee swim bait offers a multitude of options for use, whether you like to fish with the lure suspended from the bobbers or fish with the jig across the bottom —either or, anglers agree this pick is a must try. 



Gitzit’s 1.5” Lil Craw Trout Bait

4. Gitzit’s 1.5” Lil Craw Trout Bait

The Lil’ Craw from Gitzit comes with three 1.4” Craw plus two 1/16 oz jigs that rig from the tail end to allow the Craw to swim like the real thing. Gitzit’s reputation for producing high quality baits continues with this addition to the iSportsman trout bait line-up, with tests for the 1.5” Lil Craw showing that this bait produces outstanding results for trout as well as small and largemouth bass, perch, and crappie. 

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