The Top 3 Wilderness Hunting Lodges Everyone Can Agree On

September 13, 2023

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Savvy internet and outdoor enthusiasts know where to look to get honest reviews on clubs, lodges, outfitters, and more. iSportsman scoured the internet to find what others vouch are the best wilderness hunting lodges across the country.

Top 3 Wilderness Hunting Lodges

1. The Wilderness Hunting Lodge Monterey, TN 

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The aptly named Wilderness Hunting Lodge in Monterey, Tennessee has a well vetted history of being a must-visit destination. Popular for its boar hunts, the Wilderness Hunting Lodge also has a wide array of exotic hunts to choose from which include species such as Axis deer, black Hawai’ian ram, Aoudad, and wild Russian boar. The most expensive listed hunt will cost you $7,750 (Elk bull hunt) but a wild boar day hunt is an affordable $750. 

The Wilderness Hunting Lodge has multiple rustic lodges and cabins to choose from, with a variety of amenities such as kitchens, lounges, and fire pits. For those interested in full-service lodgings, three home cooked meals can be included. In addition, the lodge will cape your harvest as part of the hunting package.  

2. The Montana Wilderness Lodge & Outfitting — West Glacier, MT 

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If you are looking for a scenic hunt for elk, mule deer, mountain lions, or black bear in beautiful Montana look no further than the Montana Wilderness Lodge & Outfitters. A great wilderness lodge choice for family vacations, beyond hunting they offer guided bull trout fishing adventures, guided horseback rides, and hiking trails.

Visitors stay in their own cozy cabin with necessary amenities. Full of rustic charm, this newly renovated 1950’s lodge runs on man and mule power. Due to the lodge’s proximity to the Bob Marshall Wilderness, which doesn’t allow motorized vehicles, mule packing is standard in these parks creating picturesque landscapes and memories for the whole family.  

3. The Wilderness Escape Outfitters Lodge — Danforth, ME 

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North easterners looking for a getaway to tackle bear hunting, deer hunting, moose hunting, grouse, and woodcock have it made with the Wilderness Escape Outfitters lodge. Offering fully guided Maine moose hunts with limited availability, this lodge is one of the handful to offer the moose hunting experience below the Canadian border. Beyond hunting, this lodge offers smallmouth bass fishing, salmon fishing, and lake trout fishing as well.

Families and non-hunting companions can also enjoy swimming, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and ATX riding. For amenities, visitors can anticipate the traditional hunting lodge experience with seven bedrooms available, shared private bathrooms, and meals prepared in the commercial kitchen. This getaway is great for meeting new people, sharing stories, and making memories. 

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