Recharge at the Trouvaille Hunting Lodge

May 19, 2023

Connor Merritt

Connor Merritt

Hidden away in the quiet town of Lebanon, Kansas, lies one of the best-kept hunting secrets in North America: The Trouvaille Hunting Lodge. This remarkable little lodge is nestled in the middle of picturesque countryside, perfect for hunters and recreationists from across the country. Reconnect with the outdoors and rejuvenate your soul at this family friendly lodge that’s perfect for small, tight-knit groups.


Hunters would be hard-pressed to find another lodge operated with this level of care in such a beautiful environment. The name “Trouvaille”, which is French for “a lucky find”, perfectly represents the lodge. If you’re looking for a way to disconnect from the daily stresses of life and embark on a relaxing hunting adventure in the middle of nature, then look no further—luck is on your side.


When hunters first arrive at the lodge, they’ll see the stunning landscape surrounding the grounds. Spanning many acres of diverse terrain, the lodge offers many different types of hunting adventures and other activities. Some of the species living in the bountiful ecosystem around the lodge include pheasant, quail, turkey, duck, deer, dove and more. The Trouvaille Lodge is also committed to the practice of ethical hunting and wildlife conservation, to ensure that there’s plenty of game to go around for everyone.

Any group staying at the lodge has the privilege of being guided by one of many seasoned hunting experts, helping visitors to get the most out of their stay. The guides have more than 30 years of experience between them, helping hunters all over the country, from Alaska all the way to Kansas. In addition to the professional guides available at guests’ disposal, the lodge also offers The Dogs of Trouvaille, who work alongside guests and guides to create a truly memorable hunting experience—they are the true gem of the operation.


In addition to being the perfect place for hunters, The Trouvaille Lodge is also a great getaway for non-hunting outdoor enthusiasts looking for a relaxing new vacation spot. Anyone who wants to separate from the daily commotion and controlled chaos of everyday life is welcome at the lodge, where people can refresh their minds with an assortment of nature hikes, home-cooking hospitality, wine-tasting and more. There’s no better lodge in the American Midwest.

Aside from the stunning beauty of the surroundings and available activities, the true joy of the Trouvaille Lodge experience comes from the hospitality of the staff. Helping establish the lodge’s renowned warm and welcoming nature, the staff consistently goes above and beyond to care for guests throughout their stay.

In a fast-paced world focused on modernity and the advancement of technology, it can be difficult to break away from the doldrums of daily living, but that’s why it’s more important than ever before to slow down, reconnect with the natural world and feel the restorative power of the great outdoors. For small groups and family fun, hunting expeditions and recreational adventures, The Trouvaille Lodge is the perfect place for all your outdoor getaway needs.


While their 2022-2023 hunting season is coming to a close, there’s still a chance for spring turkey if you can’t wait to get out there. Spring turkey will last all the way through May 31st, so secure your permit and bring your shotgun or bow for a last-second chance at a tom this season.

Of course, they also offer many other hunting opportunities starting throughout the year:

  • Pheasant season in November
  • Quail season in November
  • Dove season in September
  • Greater prairie chicken in September
  • Duck season in November
  • Fall turkey in October
  • Deer season dates to be announced

Stay tuned to the Trouvaille Lodge hunting seasons webpage for the most up-to-date information regarding hunting opportunities and keep an eye out for when they announce their 2023-2024 dates so you can be the first to reserve your spot at this illustrious location.

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Photo courtesy of The Trouvaille Hunting Lodge.


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