The Choctaw Hunting Lodge: A Hunter’s Dream

August 25, 2023

Luke Clayton

Luke Clayton

There is something spectacular about spending time outdoors on Native American Tribal lands. It’s difficult to describe but, standing atop one of the mini mountains in southeast Oklahoma on the vast 44,000-acre Choctaw Hunting Lodge, I could truly sense I was in a special place: This was where skilled hunters hunted with flint-tipped arrows pursuing the abundant deer, turkey and other game. If the giant oaks could talk, I could only imagine what stories they would tell! 


Native people are still here, though the flint-tipped arrows have been replaced with more modern armory. There are still plenty of game to hunt in this vast outdoor wonderland and fish to catch in the ponds and lakes dotting the landscape. Hunters go after the plentiful game with everything including big bore air guns, longbows, and center fire rifles, and whether pursuing wild hogs, whitetail, or turkey, chances for success are very high. 

Choctaw Hunting Lodge

The land has changed very little through the years — it’s still pristine wild country — but new amenities make for a relaxing stay. There is a spacious 12,000-foot lodge with five bedrooms, a walk-in cooler for chilling game, a large preserve area for hunting, and comfortable hunting stands dispersed throughout the property make everything comfortable. 


Deer hunting packages are available for this fall that include hunting both inside and outside the preserve. A staff of experienced guides can help you bag that big whitetail buck, toothy old boar or exotic game of your dreams. Additionally, this mountain country has a very healthy population of eastern wild turkey — reserve your trips soon because spring turkey hunts book up fast.

Choctaw Hunting Lodge

Dusty Vickery is the manager of the Choctaw Hunting Lodge and has years of experience managing wildlife and land, as well as guiding and working with recreationists. He is a storehouse of knowledge and will always see that your stay is rewarding. If you phone the lodge, Dusty will be on the other side, happy to help you book your dream hunt. 


Choctaw Hunting Lodge

I recently booked a late season combination hog hunt and fishing trip at the lodge with my good friend Larry Weishuhn. We plan to put some wild pork in the walk-in cooler during the late afternoon while the hogs are moving about, and spend the mornings catching crappies, bass and catfish. There is a spring-fed live creek that crosses the property, and we will also target the deeper holes for bluegill and native bass. Fishing in the shaded creek will be a great way to beat the summer heat while putting some tasty fish fillets in the cooler.  

I also have a whitetail hunt booked for early October. I plan to spend a few days in search of a big-antlered whitetail and some fresh venison for my freezer. 


Choctaw Hunting Lodge

First, go to their website: You will learn a lot about this awesome destination. Next, give Dusty a call to discuss details of your hunt. The lodge is less than a three-hour drive from Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport, and even closer to Oklahoma City. A $75 permit is required for hunting in the preserve, and an Oklahoma hunting license is required for hunting outside the preserve. Oklahoma doesn’t require a hunting license to hunt wild hogs on private lands.

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Photos courtesy of the Choctaw Hunting Lodge and Luke Clayton.


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