Where to Hunt Prairie Dogs in Kansas

June 30, 2023

Connor Merritt

Connor Merritt

The big hunting season might be over but there are still many opportunities to get outdoors and hunt during the summer months. Whether you can’t wait until fall or want to practice maintaining your shooting skills, it’s important to keep yourself busy during the off season. One of the best options for doing so is to try hunting prairie dogs. Sure, they might not be as prestigious as some more exotic game, and they definitely won’t fill your freezer as quickly, but you might be surprised to learn that prairie dogs offer some of the most outstanding hunts available during summer months. And if you’re going to hunt prairie dogs, Kansas offers some excellent opportunities.

In Kansas, prairie dogs may be hunted all over the state, and there’s no bag limit or closed season to worry about. This means you can hunt to your heart’s content. The more you hunt them the more you’ll improve your general hunting skills as well, because prairie dogs offer a unique challenge: due to their small stature and shyness, you’ll often be hunting them from 200-500 yards away, making it the perfect way to practice your long-distance shooting. If you’re interested in getting some extra hunting in this summer or just want to practice your long-distance shooting, make sure you plan a trip to one of these top Kansas prairie hunt locations today.

Where to Hunt Prairie Dogs

Midwest united states hunt prairie dogs


Cost: $625 per day
Location: Kinsley, KS

Located just outside of Dodge City, Kansas, this area offers a diverse range of targets including rabbits, badgers, rattle snakes, and of course, prairie dogs. The prime shooting months for hunts are from early May through September, making it a perfect family adventure during the summer break. With their centrally located position, you’ll spend less time and money getting there and more time enjoying the thrill of hunting prairie dogs. Their hunting packages include a full day of shooting, top-notch accommodations, three delicious meals per day, and many other extras to enhance your experience. For an additional cost, they can even provide a hunting guide and spotter to ensure a successful and memorable hunting trip.


Cost: $200 per day
Location: Syracuse, KS

Rebel Ridge Outfitters in Kansas specializes in prairie dog hunting and offer shooting range facilities for long range sharpshooters. What sets them apart is their exceptional lodging facilities and on-site pub and pool hall, making it a one-of-a-kind destination. Prairie dog hunts are available from May 1 to October 31. It’s important to note that they only function as a booking agent and provide access to the privately-owned ranch where you will hunt the prairie dogs; however, if you are confident hunting on your own then this is a great option to access over 25,000 acres of prairie dog land.

Experience the thrill of prairie dog hunting in Kansas and make sure to plan your trip to one of these excellent locations today! It’s an effective way to stave off any boredom from the slow summer months and it’s also perfect for sharpening your long-range shooting skills so you’ll be ready for the fall.

Read about hunting prairie dogs at the Trouvaille Lodge in Kansas on iSportsmanUSA.
Photo courtesy of Joshua J. Cotten through Unsplash.


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