Navigating the Fort Barfoot Extended Archery Season

January 10, 2024

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Virginia is a state with one of the longest running deer seasons, and for iSportsman managed locations like Fort Barfoot, it’s no different. Fort Barfoot is situated in Nottoway County, VA and offers a range of recreational activities including hunting, fishing, and boating, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

whitetail deer Fort Barfoot

The Barfoot extended archery season allows for archery hunting for antlerless deer from January 9th to February 29th, Tuesday-Saturday only. Restricted to permitted areas only, such as the Cantonment Archery Area and the Old Hospital Areas, recreationist are encouraged to read the full extended deer hunting guidance guide found on Fort Barfoot’s iSportsman portal page.

Fort Barfoot Extended Deer Hunting Guide Highlights

  • If you’re interested in participating in the Barfoot extended archery season, the journey begins by signing into your iSportsman account to check-in and check out of our hunting locations.
  • Special DPOP tags for the hunt can be found at the Barfoot Game Check station.
  • Be sure to record any harvest information in the Barfoot iSportsman system and include the following data:
    • County of Harvest: Nottoway
    • Type of Land: Federal Land
    • Type of Tage Used: DPOP
  • It is likely local bucks will be shedding their antlers during the extended hunt period. They ask that hunters use caution to try to avoid harvesting a shedding buck.

Want to learn more? Visit Fort Barfoot’s iSportsman portal page for more information.

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