Introducing iSportsman GX

March 11, 2022

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman for the DoD and federally managed lands is getting a new name and a new logo while continuing to provide the same great service. Within the past year, iSportsman has expanded its services to include new product lines that include a similar service geared for the private sector and consumer markets, as well as the broader application of a hazard reporting tool, currently in use by several current iSportsman customers. To differentiate between the new services, the program being used by the DoD, federally owned lands and state agency customers will be known going forward as iSportsman GX. 

iSportsman ARX 

iSportsmanARX, the new service recently launched by iSportsman, will now serve private landowners, such as hunt club managers, outfitters, and large private equities. iSportsmanGX will continue to provide enterprise-level service to the DoD and other federal agency-managed properties. 

iSportsman GX 

iSportsmanGX offers automated features such as user and recreationist registration, permit sales, check-in/checkout of areas, real-time data collection through such means as harvest and user surveys, the management of activities and countless users, and performs lotteries and other key functions, all while ensure added safety to people in the field and instant user and area awareness for law enforcement and program personnel. iSportsman GX as an iSportsman product will also continue to increase the financial and accounting efficiency of reimbursable programs with direct payments through iSportsman GX will, most importantly, continue to be FedRAMP compliant—the only FedRAMP authorized SaaS of its kind. 

The introduction of GX to the iSportsman name simply reflects the need to properly brand iSportsman’s primarly service, even as additional services come online that offer a full spectrum of functionality that will make managing and tracking outdoor activities easier for everyone.   

Read more about iSportsmanGX and other iSportsman services on iSportsmanUSA.
Photo Courtesy of the Confluence Group 


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