Gamakatsu Under Spin Head Mini Hook

July 14, 2021

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

The popular Gamakatsu Under Spin Head is making a big splash with this mini re-release. The Gamakatsu Under Spin Head Mini features a premium size 1 Finesse Heavy Cover 60-degree hook with a wide gap design made for even the bulkiest plastic bait attachments. Gamakatsu’s Spring Lock holds swim baits and other plastics, accenting the chrome willow blade attachment which features a ball-bearing swivel to spin slow and free. The plain lead head features life-like eyes that are sure to attract any predator.

Exploring the Benefits of the Gamakatsu Under Spin Head Mini Hook

Designed with precision and crafted for success, the Under Spin Head Mini Hook offers several benefits that can significantly enhance your fishing experience.


Whether you’re targeting largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, panfish, or even walleye, this mini hook proves its worth. Its versatility lies in its ability to pair with a variety of soft plastic baits, making it an ideal choice for various fishing scenarios.

Realistic Action

The balanced design of the Under Spin Head creates a lifelike swimming action that mimics the movement of natural prey. This realistic motion can trigger the predatory instincts of fish, increasing your chances of a successful hookset.

Increased Attraction

The addition of a spinner blade beneath the hook adds a flash and vibration to your presentation. This extra attraction can be particularly effective in murky water or when fish are less active, helping to draw their attention to your bait.

Easy Rigging

Rigging can often be a time-consuming process, but Gamakatsu simplifies it with the Under Spin Head Mini Hook. Its user-friendly design allows for quick and hassle-free bait changes, saving you valuable fishing time.

Enhanced Hooking Rate

Gamakatsu’s reputation for sharp and durable hooks holds true in this product as well. The precise hook point ensures a higher hooking rate, reducing the chances of missed opportunities.

Fine-tuned Weight Balance

The weight distribution in the Under Spin Head Mini Hook is finely tuned to ensure optimal swimming depth and stability. This makes it suitable for various retrieval speeds and depths, giving you more control over your presentation.


Crafted with high-quality materials, the Under Spin Head Mini Hook stands up to the challenges posed by aggressive fish and rugged underwater environments. Its durability ensures it remains a reliable companion on your fishing expeditions.

The Under Spin Head Mini starts at $4.89 and you can visit Gamakatsu for more information.  

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