New ProLine Baits Fish Attractant by True Timber

July 15, 2022

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Trusted camouflage provider TrueTimber has partnered with ProLine Baits to bring you a new line of ProLine Bait fish attractant. The co-branding ProLine Bait series covers a variety of species including bass, trout, crappie and catfish. Utilizing super concentrated attractants, amino acids and scent enhancers, this multi-species lineup has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the included feed stimulants and taste enhancers will draw the fish to your line every time.  

Introducing the ProLine Baits Fish Attractant Series: Your Secret Weapon for Fishing Success

The ProLine Baits Fish Attractant Series is powered by cutting-edge scent technology. Each formula is meticulously crafted to replicate the natural scents of prey, triggering a predator’s primal instincts. Fish won’t be able to resist investigating your bait, giving you a distinct advantage.

Say goodbye to constantly reapplying attractants. The series features a long-lasting formula that adheres to lures, maintaining their effectiveness even after multiple casts. Spend more time with your line in the water and less time reapplying, increasing your chances of a hookup.

Perfect for All Fishing Styles

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting, the ProLine Baits series suits all fishing styles. From freshwater to saltwater, casting or trolling, these attractants perform exceptionally across the board. With a variety of scents tailored to different species, you’ll always have the perfect option at hand.

It’s important to preserve aquatic ecosystems: That’s why the attractants are crafted with eco-friendly ingredients that are safe for fish and water quality. Fish with a clear conscience, knowing you’re not harming the environment.

The ProLine Baits Fish Attractant Series isn’t just a gimmick – it’s backed by science. Rigorous testing and angler feedback have demonstrated a significant increase in fish activity and strikes when using the attractants. Join the ranks of successful anglers who trust the science behind ProLine Baits.

Easy to Use

The attractants come in easy-to-carry, spill-proof packaging. Toss them in your tackle box or pocket without worrying about leaks or messes. With a simple and clean application process, you’ll be ready to fish in seconds.

Upgrade your fishing arsenal with the ProLine Baits Fish Attractant Series and experience the difference firsthand. Unleash the power of scent technology, extend your lure effectiveness, and contribute to sustainable fishing practices. Elevate your fishing adventure today. Your next trophy catch awaits!

Made in the U.S. in the Carolinas, the ProLine Baits fish attractant series offers hand-crafted premier fishing flavors and scents. Visit ProLine Baits or True Timber to get your ProLine Baits. 

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