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March 22, 2024

Connor Merritt

Connor Merritt

Having the right pair of shoes can make all the difference, whether your taking them hiking, walking, running — or just keeping your feet comfortable on a long work day. In the world of running shoes, On has been making waves with their innovative, high-quality designs. Let’s take a closer look at three of the best of On running shoes: the Cloudmonster 2, Cloudtilt, and Cloudultra 2.

The Best On Running Shoes

On Running Shoes

Cloudmonster 2

True to its name, the Cloudmonster 2 is a beast on any terrain. Designed for off-road adventures, this shoe combines stability, cushioning, and traction to tackle even the toughest trails. The standout feature of the Cloudmonster 2 is its aggressive grip pattern, which provides excellent traction on dirt, gravel, and rocky terrain.

Underneath the shoe, On’s signature CloudTec cushioning technology absorbs impact while maintaining responsiveness, ensuring a smooth ride over uneven surfaces. The upper is constructed with durable yet breathable materials, offering protection from debris without sacrificing ventilation. Available for $179.99.


For runners seeking a versatile shoe that can handle both road and trail running, the Cloudtilt is an excellent choice. Combining the best elements of On’s road and trail shoes, the Cloudtilt offers a smooth ride on pavement while still providing the traction and durability needed for off-road excursions.

The Cloudtilt features On’s CloudTec cushioning technology, which delivers a cushioned yet responsive feel with every stride. The outsole is equipped with multidirectional traction patterns, ensuring reliable grip on a variety of surfaces.

With its lightweight, adaptable design, the Cloudtilt is the perfect companion for runners who like to mix up their terrain without compromising on comfort or stability. Available for $159.99.

Cloudultra 2

Designed for the long haul, the Cloudultra 2 is built to take on ultra-distance runs with ease. Whether you’re tackling an epic trail race or embarking on a multi-day adventure, this shoe delivers the comfort, support, and durability needed to go the distance.

Featuring On’s most advanced cushioning technology to date, the Cloudultra 2 offers maximum impact protection without sacrificing energy return. The upper is constructed with lightweight yet durable materials, offering a snug and secure fit without weighing you down. Additionally, strategic reinforcements provide added protection in high-wear areas, ensuring long-lasting performance mile after mile. Available for $179.99.

On Running Shoes Conclusion

On’s lineup of running shoes offers something for every type of runner, from the trailblazing adventurer to the urban explorer. Whether you prefer rugged terrain or smooth pavement, there’s a shoe designed to meet your needs and elevate your running experience. So lace up, hit the road (or trail), and unleash your full potential with On.

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