New Arrows From Easton: The Superdrive Micros

July 14, 2022

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

For more than 100 years, Easton has been responsible for some of the world’s best archery products. In 2022, Easton introduced the new Superdrive Micro 4mm—the latest addition to the podium-topping Superdrive family of all-carbon high-performance arrows. Built for both targets and 3D archers, the Superdrive Micro 4mm Arrow comes with a wind-cheating 4mm diameter to provide the lightest grains per inch possible and give archers a high-speed arrow built for downrange performance. 

Easton Superdrive Micro Arrows Features 

Able to handle windy conditions, the Superdrive Micro maximizes shooting range and minimizes pin gaps by giving archers higher velocities from the bow. It’s available in 11 spines with a choice between a 325 to 950 stiffness rating with an extremely tight .002-inch straightness. Easton also carries 4mm glue-in target points, pin inserts, pin nocks and direct fit nocks to accommodate the Superdrive Micro.

Precision and Performance in a Compact Package

When it comes to archery, precision and performance are key, and the Easton Superdrive Micro have taken these qualities to a whole new level. These are the go-to choice for archers who demand nothing but the best. Let’s dive into what makes them stand out.

1. Micro Diameter Technology: One of the most notable features of the Easton Superdrive Micro Arrows is their micro-diameter design. They have a slimmer profile compared to standard ones, which means they slice through the air with minimal resistance. This translates to increased speed and accuracy.

2. High-Grade Carbon Construction: These arrows are crafted from high-quality carbon, making them incredibly strong and durable. This construction ensures consistent performance shot after shot, making them suitable for both target practice and hunting.

3. Exceptional Straightness Tolerance: Easton takes great pride in the straightness tolerance of their arrows, and the Superdrive Micros are no exception. With a remarkable straightness tolerance, you can trust that every arrow will fly true, improving your accuracy on the field or at the range.

4. Precision Components: They come equipped with precision components, including Easton’s famous Super UNI bushings and X Nocks. These components contribute to the overall consistency and accuracy of the arrows.

5. Versatility: Whether you’re a competitive target archer or a seasoned hunter, the Easton Superdrive Micro Arrows offer the versatility needed for various archery disciplines and game types.

In conclusion, the Easton Superdrive Micro Arrows are a testament to Easton’s commitment to quality and performance in archery. Their micro-diameter design, high-grade carbon construction, exceptional straightness tolerance, precision components, and versatility make them a top choice for archers who demand nothing but the best from their equipment. Upgrade your archery game with the Easton Superdrive Micro Arrows and experience the difference for yourself.

Starting at around $15 an arrow, visit Easton Archery to find a dealer near you.   

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