The Best Hunting Arrows in 2023

August 28, 2023

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

When it comes to archery, equipment can make all the difference between hitting the mark and falling short. One of the most important parts of the equation is what arrows you use — they can make-or-break the outcome of any hunting trip you go on — but it can be difficult to choose the correct one when there are so many options out there. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three of the best hunting arrows available for bowhunters, so that you can spend less time shopping and worrying about purchases and more time outdoors doing what you love most.

Easton 5mm Axis Hunting Arrows

The Easton 5mm Axis arrows have excellent accuracy and durability, making them one of the most dependable options out there. The carbon and aluminum arrows strike a perfect balance between strength and lightweight construction. The small 5mm diameter minimizes wind drift, making success possible in any condition.

hunting arrows

One standout feature of the Easton 5mm Axis arrows is their advanced Hidden Insert Technology system. This innovative design places more weight up front, resulting in better downrange accuracy and faster greater impact. No matter what you’re looking for from a hunting arrow, the Easton 5mm Axis arrows prove their worth with every shot.

Available starting at $131.00.

Carbon Express Maxima Triad Arrows

When it comes to speed and penetration, the Carbon Express Maxima Triad arrows are in a league of their own. Engineered to maximize velocity, these arrows incorporate Tri-Spine technology that enhances stiffness and reduces oscillation, translating into unparalleled consistency and accuracy.

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The Maxima Triad arrows are fine-tuned for optimal arrow flight. This results in great accuracy over longer distances. With a focus on kinetic energy and a tapered front end for minimized friction, these arrows guarantee exceptional penetration and impact force, making them a preferred choice for hunters and competitive archers alike.

Available starting at $169.99.

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

Renowned for their durability and versatility, the Gold Tip Hunter XT arrows can tackle a wide range of archery challenges. These arrows blend strength and flexibility, providing consistency shot after shot, while their mid-weight design makes them suitable for various styles of archery.

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The Hunter XT arrows exemplify precision, instilling confidence in archers across skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned bowhunter tracking game or a target shooter honing your skills, the Gold Tip Hunter XT arrows deliver the durability and accuracy you need.

Available starting at $79.99.

No matter what kind of bowhunter you are, your choice of hunting arrows will greatly impact your success. Whichever arrow you choose, one thing is certain: you’re equipping yourself with a tool that can help you hit your targets with unrivaled accuracy and confidence.

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