Browning Maxus is the Best Hunting Shotgun

July 12, 2022

Matthew Carroll

Matthew Carroll

Ducks beware: There is a new autoloading shotgun in town. Well, maybe reconfigured is a better description, as the Browning Maxus gets a host of new features as well as a new name to go with it. Billed as one of the smoothest handling shotguns on the market, the Maxus Camo II minimizes felt recoil without compromising on the shotgun’s firepower. Equipped with the renowned Power Drive Gas System, the Maxus Camo II offers both versatility and reliability to its users, allowing sportsmen to shell out a wide array of factory ammunition.

With an emphasis on the shooter experience, the new shotgun from Browning delivers on its promise by arming this fast-cycling shotgun with the innovative Inflex Technology recoil pad, SoftFlex cheek pad, Speed Load Plus for quick loading and new rubber over-molding to yet again maximize control and improve the shooter experience. 

Browning Maxus Features 

At first glance, the Browning Maxus exudes an aura of elegance, with its sleek lines and finely finished materials. Yet, beneath its refined exterior lies a powerhouse of functionality and reliability. Its gas-operated action is not only lightning-fast, cycling rounds with remarkable speed, but also impeccably soft in its recoil management, ensuring comfort and control shot after shot. Whether you’re in pursuit of waterfowl, upland game, or clay pigeons, the Maxus offers a versatile platform that adapts to your specific needs and preferences.

Furthermore, the Browning Maxus boasts an array of customizable features and accessories, making it a firearm that can be tailored to suit the individual shooter’s style and requirements. From the finely tuned Inflex recoil pad to the lightning trigger system, every detail has been meticulously designed to enhance performance and comfort. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve deep into the heart of the Browning Maxus, uncovering its remarkable engineering, heritage, and the myriad of reasons it continues to stand as a symbol of excellence in the world of shotguns.

And of course, the Maxus Camo comes in a wide selection of camo patterns for any outdoor environment. With patterns such as the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Realree Max-5 Realtree Timber and even matte black the poor ducks will never know what hit them. ($1,530-$1,720, 

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