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Understanding Coyote Predation

It has now been well documented that deer, particularly fawns, can be primary prey for coyotes. And as coyote breeding season is in full swing and coyote spotting becomes more frequent, it’s natural to wonder how their presence will have an impact on the ecology of your land. There are many things to consider when it comes to preventing human/animal conflicts or deer/coyote conflicts. Coyote populations are difficult to control, but there are things you can do to help minimize their presence and impact.

Calling Coyotes

Coyote hunting offers near year-round opportunity in virtually every state. And coyote resilience is well documented, with packs thriving even in urban areas. Their hardiness and adaptability means populations need to be monitored and managed. During hunting doldrums, calling coyotes can lead to frenetic and chaotic nights. The skills necessary to hunt coyotes are simple which makes it easy to pick up no matter your experience level.   

New Predator Pro Pack From Kerry Carver and Bryon South

Coyotes and similar predators wreak havoc among species such as deer and turkeys. So, whether you hunt them to help keep nature in balance or just love the fun and excitement of predator hunting, the Predator Pro Pack is designed to be the perfect solution to bring them in close. Suitable for new-to-the-game or experienced varminters, the Predator Pro Pack is a trio of calls made to attract coyotes, foxes and even bobcats by mimicking the sounds of wounded or distressed animals.

Spring Hunting Guide: Tips for Bagging Game

Springtime; the weather is getting warmer, the birds are out, and for most outdoorsmen, you are back inside daydreaming of next fall. Some may see springtime as the time of year to hang up your hunting boots and practice your range shooting. However, that is not totally necessary. While springtime hunting takes some thinking outside of the buck, we’ve compiled five springtime hunting opportunities for you to pursue this “offseason” in this comprehensive spring hunting guide. 

New Game Call From Convergent Hunting Solutions

Convergent Hunting Solutions has revolutionized predator hunting with a new cutting-edge Bluetooth electronic game call, the Bullet HP. Created by professional predator hunter Byron South and made in the U.S., Convergent game calls deliver premium sound quality at an unbeatable price. Smartphone compatible, the Bullet HP will stay connected up to 300 feet away.

Land Management Tactics by Species

While food plots remain a popular land management method for deer hunters to provide nutrition to the landscape and attract deer, a more successful approach involves improving the quality of the overall habitat located on their property. As iSportsman covered in the recent article, Manage Your Land to Minimize Coyote Predation, time and energy spent on trapping predators is often better directed into improving the overall landscape so wildlife has a better mix of forage and hiding cover.

Mastering Bow Hunting Preparation

You can watch a buck all year, pattern his movements, know which field he will eat in every morning, and where he beds after that.  There is a whole trail cam folder on your computer to prove it.  You have the perfect stand placement to intercept him.  Finally the wind is blowing perfectly in your favor.  You have waited all year for this.  You step out of your truck into the cool crisp morning air, gather your gear, and start your hike in.  Your phone vibrates.  You ignore it and keep walking.  Five minutes later it starts ringing.  Frantically now you reach into your pocket to stop the noise! Pulling it out you fumble it onto the ground.

The Dangers of Feral Hogs

Feral hogs have made mainstream news headlines for some time now given their exploding numbers and destruction of habitat and suburban yards. As if there weren’t enough reasons already to hunt these feral critters—fun to hunt, hunt virtually anytime, great to eat, and need to stop their destructive spread—add another reason: they’re contributing to global warming. While cars, and even according to the United Nations, livestock, are blamed for generating large quantities of greenhouse gases, a large emitter of CO2 sits inconspicuously outside of the conversation—feral hogs. 

Trace Koble’s Nontypical Buck

Local Indiana native Trace Koble managed to take down a massive 198 1/8 nontypical buck after intensively hunting the giant for weeks. Having originally hunted waterfowl in what is known in Indiana as the Reduction Zone, Koble, in 2017, started hunting deer on the same property but was never serious about it until just last year. From September 15, when he killed a doe to qualify to hunt the Indiana Reduction Zone to October 2, Koble scoped out the buck, studying pictures and video to figure out the most opportune moment to catch him off guard.

Backcountry Hunting: Going After Swamp Bucks

He talked a lot about hunting swamp bucks, finding their bedding areas, and getting in close to kill them. The exact opposite of what I have been doing. Maybe that’s what attracted me to that style of hunting.

4 iSportsman Locations for Rabbit Hunting

The first time I met my grandfather-in-law he invited me and my now husband into his home located on the family dairy farm in northern Pennsylvania for dinner: a creamy warm stew with noticeable chunks of potato…and protein that I would soon learn was rabbit harvested from the surrounding woods. It was my first foray in eating wild game, and I LOVED it. To my own city-dwelling family’s chagrin I proceeded to re-create this meal when I hosted Easter a few years later. Timing has never been my strong suit. Regardless, with fresh rabbit being one of my favorite proteins I’m excited to produce this round-up of iSportsman location with rabbit season already in progress or opening soon. 

Hunting on Fort Campbell Military Base

Fort Campbell is an Army post located on approximately 105,000 acres in Montgomery and Stewart counties, Tennessee, and Trigg and Christian counties, Kentucky. Fort Campbell is 14 miles south of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and 13 miles north of Clarksville, Tennessee. The closest major urban area (greater than 500,000 residents) to the installation is Nashville, Tennessee, located 60 miles to the southeast. Louisville, Kentucky; Memphis, Tennessee; and St. Louis, Missouri are within 200 miles of the installation.

Mike Rogers’ Mule Deer Hunt in the Arizona Desert

For the past month, iSportsman has been sponsoring hunting YouTuber Mike Rogers as he ventured out into the Arizona wilderness in search of his first mule deer. Mike just returned from his second trip into the desert and has some stories to tell.