Trace Koble’s Nontypical Buck

July 17, 2022

Doug Howlett

Doug Howlett

Local Indiana native Trace Koble managed to take down a massive 198 1/8 nontypical buck after intensively hunting the giant for weeks. Having originally hunted waterfowl in what is known in Indiana as the Reduction Zone, Koble, in 2017, started hunting deer on the same property but was never serious about it until just last year. From September 15, when he killed a doe to qualify to hunt the Indiana Reduction Zone to October 2, Koble scoped out the buck, studying pictures and video to figure out the most opportune moment to catch him off guard. 

Bagging the Nontypical Buck 

He finally got a shot at the beast on October 2 around 7:20 p.m. but was more than disappointed when the buck didn’t fall after hitting him too far back. The buck retreated into the timber on the adjoining property where Koble didn’t have permission to go. 

Waiting until the next morning and after obtaining permission from the landowner of the adjoining property where the buck had gone, Koble and a group of family and friends set off in search of it. They eventually found the buck, but the celebration was muted. During the night, a pack of coyotes had virtually finished him off, leaving only the rack, head and cape intact. Koble green-scored the buck that bore a solid 5X6 typical frame with eight non-typical tines that added an additional 40 inches alone to the overall measurements of the rack. 

A Hunter’s Dream

In the annals of hunting lore, Trace Koble’s nontypical buck stands as a testament to both skill and serendipity. This majestic whitetail deer defies convention with its remarkably asymmetrical antlers. The captivating tale of Koble’s pursuit and capture of this extraordinary creature has captured the imagination of hunters worldwide.

With a rack resembling a work of art, the nontypical buck boasts an array of tines, curves, and character that challenge traditional expectations. Koble’s journey to bag this elusive trophy serves as a reminder that the wild still holds surprises for those who venture into its depths. His remarkable achievement resonates with every hunter who dreams of encountering the extraordinary in the heart of the wilderness.

Read the full story by Dean Weimer on the Big Deer with Mike Hanback blog. 

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