The Turkey Population Crisis

July 13, 2021

Doug Howlett

Doug Howlett

Wildlife biologist and renowned land manager, Grant Woods, who hosts the popular online program, GrowingDeer.TV, is in addition to being an avid deer hunter, also a true turkey hunting fanatic. He, like many hunters and game agencies across the wild turkey range, has recognized a trend over past years that suggests a decline in the wild turkey population. While turkey numbers, and particularly available gobblers, have always fluctuated from season to season due to prior years’ nesting conditions and brood success, overall declines are being noted with increasing concern. 

Is This a Real Issue? 

Is this a real issue or does it just seem like turkey numbers aren’t as high as they used to be? Also, if they are dropping, why? And can anything be done to reverse this trend? 

Woods shares his thoughts on the matter and with his plainspoken yet extremely insightful advice, offers local hunters, landowners and land managers a few ideas on ways they can help turkey populations in their area remain strong or even improve where populations are starting to show signs of decline.  

The Turkey Population Crisis: A Gobble-Worthy Concern

Turkey populations worldwide are facing a crisis of alarming proportions. Over the past few decades, these majestic birds have experienced a steady decline in numbers. While Thanksgiving feasts may not be in jeopardy, the ecological implications are significant.

Habitat loss, driven by urbanization and agriculture, remains a primary culprit. Pollution and climate change further exacerbate the problem. Conservationists emphasize the importance of protecting turkey habitats, promoting sustainable land use, and reducing pollutants to reverse this decline.

Turkeys play a vital role in ecosystems, contributing to biodiversity and ecosystem balance. Addressing the Turkey Population Crisis is not just about saving a bird; it’s about preserving our natural world for generations to come.

Check out their video here. 

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Photo courtesy of Buzz Hayes.


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