5 Must-Watch Hunting YouTube Channels

June 7, 2023

Connor Merritt

Connor Merritt

These days, YouTube has become a treasure trove of information and entertainment for every topic under the sun. It’s easy to lose a few hours here and there to a YouTube rabbit hole, exploring all that the platform has to offer. Even Tom Hanks is prone to going on YouTube binges, having recently rediscovered the commercials of his childhood through the platform. Outdoor recreational hobbies like hunting have also exploded on the platform, leading to a wonderfully diverse range of hunting YouTube content options for every outdoor enthusiast.

There’s never been a better time to explore hunting on YouTube than right now, from do-it-yourself solo creators to multimedia production companies, you can find almost anything you could think of about hunting; however, just like with all modern media, the field is oversaturated and some of the content just isn’t worth people’s investment.

It’s important to separate the wheat from the chaff to ensure you’re getting the most out of your time with the platform. To that end, iSportsman has rounded up some of the best hunting YouTube channels out there for your viewing pleasure.


The Hunting Public is one of the biggest hunting channels out there, featuring a collaborative group of enthusiasts sharing their expert knowledge and experience. Their content ranges from daily hunting video journals and informational podcasts to tips and how-to videos to help the everyday hunter. Their passion really comes across through their content, and it even manages to be entertaining to boot. Combine their great content with a high-quality production value, and you couldn’t ask for a better all-around hunting YouTube channel.


Fresh Tracks is a channel that is the project of Randy Newberg, a seasoned hunting veteran. He uses the channel to be a voice for the public land hunter in America, focusing exclusively on making content to help self-guided hunters who are entirely dependent on public land for hunting. The channel also includes a dose of conservation and advocacy content, stressing the importance of sustaining this way of life. If you’re a public land hunter or just want to witness the work of one of the most experienced hunters in the country, then check out Fresh Tracks today.


SOLO HNTR is the ultimate hunting channel for any hunter who likes to hunt…well solo. This channel specializes in highlighting trips, tips, and tricks to help people succeed when they hunt alone. It covers everything from what kind of gear to use to how you should plan out your hunt. They even share longer videos detailing every part of a typical solo hunt, so that the viewers can learn exactly how things are done. Hunting might be fun in a group, but it’s a different experience altogether when it’s just you vs. nature. Make sure to check out SOLO HNTR’s content to gain the upper hand.


The biggest channel on this list, MeatEater is the closest you’re going to get to a big media production that you might be used to seeing on broadcast television. That doesn’t mean they’ve lost that personal passionate touch though — far from it, the hosts all make you feel like you are part of a close comradeship. Thanks to its size, MeatEater also has the widest variety of content available: buck hunting, touring the country’s hunting spots, cooking, fishing, and more. They even have a cooking show infused with a comedic touch, where the hosts try and eat what they consider to be the most inedible meat out there. If you’re looking for pure production value and want to get all your content in one place, then MeatEater is the choice for you.


TLO Mike Rogers might be the smallest channel on this list, but it’s the perfect representation of the average hunting enthusiast. Combining his love of bowhunting with his desire to make online video content, TLO Mike Rogers has turned his dream into a reality. While he mainly hunts around southern California, he ventures out on longer trips periodically throughout the year. He’s the most relatable channel on this list because all of his content is so down-to-earth: You really feel like you can accomplish everything he does on camera. Watch TLO Mike Rogers if you’re looking for content to inspire you in your own passions.

While these are some of the best hunting YouTube channels available, there are many more high-quality ones to discover out there. The important thing is that you’re having fun and enjoying the content, whatever it is. That’s one of the best things about YouTube—even when you’re not able to go hunting yourself, you can still get a taste of the outdoors.

Also, don’t forget to check out the iSportsmanUSA YouTube channel for iSportsman tutorials and more hunting related content.

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