Why Atlas Bipods are The Best on The Market

October 26, 2023

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

B&T brought hunters and sports shooters the “Sandbag of the 21st Century” with their Accu-shot monopod that provides the stability and support shooters need without the bulk, weight, or mess of a traditional sandbag, or sandbag like device. To continuously improve their services, build off of customer feedback, and bring new products to the market, B&T introduced Atlas Bipods in 2010. 

B&T Now Carries Five Atlas Bipods

Atlas Bipods

The V8 Atlas Bipod:

The original, with patented preloaded Pan and Fant, five independent leg positions, 45-degree leg positioning, height adjustability and quick-change feet. 

The PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle):

Said to be an upgraded V8 and born from the awarded USSOCOM Precision Rifle bipod contract. Where the PSR stands out in comparison with the V8 is the addition of non-rotational legs, fore and aft pivot limiting bosses, and an estimated 40% stronger inner leg. 

The CAL (Cant and Loc):

The Atlas Bipod response to modern marksmen who prefer not to have a panning function. Like other models in other series, this Atlas Bipod still includes five independent leg positions and height adjustability—but will only cant, eliminating the pan feature all together. The cant function is supported by the legendary KMW original “Pod-Loc” to adjust cant tension. 

The 5-H:

A heavy-duty version of the Atlas Bipod product. The 5-H can support larger caliber rifles, includers five independent leg positions, height adjustability and pan while providing extreme stability. 

The Super CAL (S-Cal):

Is a supersized version of the CAL Atlas Bipod developed to support heavy guns engaging in extreme distances. The Super CAL runs about 50% larger than the CAL with the same Atlas Bipod features such as five independent leg positions, height adjustability, singular function cant, no panning, and KMW “Pod-Loc” functionality for cant tension. 

All models in the various Atlas Bipod series are hailed by satisfied sportsmen for their durability, customizability, and various functionality. The number of models available from B&T that do not include pan is reflective of B&T’s attentiveness to customer trends and needs.  

A 2020 survey from showed that 33.3% of marksmen would rather not have panning available in their precision rig, while 27.8% would prefer a rig that avoids panning all together. This is compared to the 8% who felt that pan functionality was a necessity in their set up. 

Additional Features of the Atlas Bipod

Atlas Bipods

Beyond the variability of the Atlas Bipod series, others appreciate B&T’s products for their made in America quality, lifetime warranty, heat-treated stainless-steel components, and T6061/7075-T6 Aluminum, type 3 hard coat anodized design. 

The height ranges for the Atlas Bipods vary by model, with the V8 BT10 having the smallest range at 4.8-9.1” and the Super CAL BT72-LW17 coming in as the largest with a range of 5.8-11.0”. However, all BT models come with interchangeable feet and can have height extenders installed to the system without the need for special tools or machinery.  

Most models in most series have multiple mounting options available for basis-by-basis customization. And, most conveniently, B&T Atlas Bipods are lightweight for easy transport with the heaviest model weighing 27.2oz and the lightest coming in at 10.87oz. 

Beyond the various functionality aspects, Atlas Bipods have remained top-dog in the bipod market also because they’re affordable—with a standard sized bipod running at around $299.99 and a heavy-duty model at $399.99. Moreover, a 10% discount is available to active-duty law enforcement, former law enforcement, active-duty military, and former military. 

Check out all B&T industries has to offer, including their line-up at Atlas Bipods by visiting their website. 

Read how a hunter used his bipods to fill seven antelope tags in four days on iSportsmanUSA. 


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