War Eagle Boats: Built for Hunters

January 12, 2024

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Duck hunting season is flying by as we creep further into the new year, and if you spend all season hunting from the banks or in waders then you may be considering upgrading your game with a duck hunting boat. With War Eagle boats, you can obtain not only the best in the business duck hunting boat, but also a versatile water vehicle for fishing and fun on the water throughout the year.

War Eagle Boats are all built using welded aluminum, and each one is individually painted using HD camo to blend in perfectly with your environment. They have also partnered with Ducks Unlimited, allowing them to donate over a million dollars to waterfowl conservation. War Eagle Boats has many series to choose from, including the Blackhawk, Predator, Renegade and VS Stick Steering models.

Best War Eagle Boats

Best for Duck Hunting: The Sportsman 754LDV

War Eagle boats

Once named the ultimate duck boat by the bygone and cherished Waterfowl & Retriever magazine, the War Eagle Sportsman 754LDV has a heavy-duty center keel, V-bow, and one rear cross seat. Available in multiple options for camouflage paint, you too can share the ultimate experience of duck hunting in a boat.  

Best for Year-Round: The 761 Blackhawk

War Eagle boats

The 761 Blackhawk by War Eagle boats is the smallest of the Blackhawks but perfect for year-round hunting and fishing. With wiring for a 24v trolling motor, passenger seating, 2 seats with spiders, 2 pole extensions, bow storage, wings transom, V-bow and a V-hull.  

Best for Crappie: The 861 Predator

War Eagle boats

While all War Eagle boats are built to get you on the water for any occasion, the 861 Predator was built for crappie enthusiasts. Enhanced by its low front deck designed for side-by-side fishing, the 861 Predator includes a front bait well, a rod box that holds up to 7.5’ rods, insulated ice chests, insulated live well, and driving and passenger seating.  

Best for Bass: The 761 Renegade

War Eagle boats

The 761 Renegade boat by War Eagle offers one of the widest bodies on the market at 17’ to provide pro-bass anglers the stability and maneuverability needed to seize the day. Wired for a 24V trolling motor, a 60-quart live well, driver seating, and passenger seating the 761 Renegade makes the perfect vessel for a guy’s day out on the water.  

You can call War Eagle at (870)-367-1554 to find a retailer near you, or use the retailer location on their website.

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