Top 8-Person Tents for Comfortable Camping

July 12, 2023

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Camping trips are a great way to disconnect from the bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature; however, the idea of squeezing into a small tent with limited space can be daunting, especially when camping with a group. This is where a larger, 8-person tent can come into play — there are plenty of spacious and comfortable tents designed for larger groups of people. Whether you’re planning a weekend camping trip with friends or a family vacation in the great outdoors, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to explore the best 8 person tents for a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.

10x14 Kodiak tent 8-person tent

10 x 14 ft. Flex-Bow Deluxe Canvas 8-Person Tent from Kodiak Canvas

With its durable canvas construction, this tent can withstand even the toughest weather conditions, including high winds. The easy setup, requiring only one person and no more than 20 minutes, allows for a quick and hassle-free camping experience, making it ideal for overnight trips or shorter stays. Whether you’re camping with friends or family, this tent provides ample space for everyone to sleep comfortably.

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe Canvas 8-Person Tent Features:

  • Durable canvas construction
  • Easy setup with one person in 20 minutes or less
  • Suitable for bad weather, including high winds.
  • Spacious interior for comfortable sleeping
  • MSRP: $759.99

12x12 Kodiak tent 8-person tent

12×12 Cabin Lodge Stove-Ready 8-Person Tent from Kodiak Canvas

The 12×12 Cabin Lodge Stove-Ready Tent is the perfect solution for all your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re camping, hunting, or just enjoying the great outdoors, this tent has you covered. It has a true four-season design perfect for year-round camping. Thanks to its durable vinyl floor that keeps you dry and protected from the elements, you can stay comfortable in any weather, and with the option to add a front room, you can expand the space during your outdoor adventures. In addition, the heavy-duty construction ensures its longevity — making it so you won’t need another tent for a very long time.

Kodiak Canvas Cabin Lodge 8-Person Tent Features:

  • Super comfortable
  • Good for four seasons
  • Great airflow
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy setup
  • MSRP: $999.99

Montana Coleman tent 8-person tent

Montana 8-Person Tent from Coleman

This is a great option for families or groups of friends who want a spacious and comfortable tent. It measures 16 x 7 feet with a center height of 6 feet 2 inches, providing plenty of room to move around, and it also features Coleman’s WeatherTec system, which includes patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry. With its easy setup and spacious design, the Coleman Montana is a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable camping experience.

The Montana 8-Person Tent Features:

  • Hinged door for easy entry
  • Easy 15-minute setup
  • Spacious interior
  • WeatherTec system
  • Storage pockets
  • MSRP: $269.99
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