Peak Refuel: Power Your Outdoor Adventures

March 27, 2024

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

There are a lot of meal provision kits on the market, but Peak Refuel offers kits made with 100% real meat, premium ingredients, and packed with protein. When choosing your re-hydratable food source for your next hiking, camping, or hunting trip consider some of the best available with Peak Refuel.  

Choosing Meal Kits Versus Traditional Cooking 

When planning multi-day excursions that require backcountry camping, bringing a full kitchen setup may be alluring, but it all comes down to weight: a stove, ingredients, cooking utensils, dishwashing supplies, and more can add additional weight to your pack. That might not seem like much until the third day of hiking when it becomes absolutely back breaking.

Peak Refuel

Meal kits like Peak Refuel are lightweight and require minimal supplies to cook and enjoy. With each meal kit weighing in at 5.4 oz on average, all you need is a small heat source for boiling water, and a utensil.

Why You Should Pick Peak Refuel

Peak Refuel also allows for a larger variety of food options than traditional cooking, with some of their most popular packs offering peach cobbler, venison country casserole, and chicken alfredo pasta. Beyond taste, this wide range of choices also offers more protein, fiber, and other nutrients needed for long treks.  

Peak Refuel

Peak is also designed to use less water than other meal kits, which makes prep time shorter and relieves some of the weight you’ll need to allot to potential water supplies.  

Additionally, Peak Refuel has partnered with GovX to offer a military discount of up to 25%. You can apply for their discount by following this link and verifying your affiliation 

With options that include large-party meal kits to single-serving sample packs, you can fuel your next outdoors adventure with Peak Refuel.

Learn about cooking venison on iSportsmanUSA.


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