New Deer Attractant from Code Blue

March 23, 2023

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Code Blue Buck Tarsal Glands are a must-have for any serious deer hunter. Made from real tarsal glands, this deer attractant is designed to use the scent of a dominant buck, attracting other bucks to your hunting area. The included zip tie makes it easy to hang the bag over scrapes and branches, and the resealable packaging ensures that the scent stays fresh for future use.


The Code Blue Buck Tarsal Gland Deer Attractant is a game-changer for hunters seeking to up their game during deer season. This innovative product harnesses the power of nature to attract and hold the attention of deer, offering a slew of benefits to avid hunters.

1. Irresistible Scent

The tarsal gland is a potent deer attractant, and Code Blue has perfected the art of extracting and preserving this scent. Bucks find it irresistible, making it an excellent tool for drawing them closer to your hunting location.

2. Long-Lasting

Unlike other attractants that quickly dissipate in the wind or rain, Code Blue’s formula clings to foliage and the ground, providing a long-lasting scent trail that lures deer over an extended period.

3. Versatile Use

This attractant can be used throughout the hunting season, whether you’re pursuing bucks during the rut or targeting does. It’s a versatile addition to your hunting arsenal.

4. Easy Application

Code Blue’s user-friendly packaging and application methods make it simple to use, reducing the hassle and mess associated with other attractants.

5. Increased Success

By drawing deer into your hunting area, Code Blue increases your chances of a successful hunt. It gives you the edge you need to bag that trophy buck.


  • Whole tarsal gland with 2 fl. oz. of Buck Urine
  • Resealable packaging
  • Seasonal use: Early, mid, late
  • Urine collected using the From One Deer to One Bottle® process, guaranteeing each package contains urine from only one deer

You can pick up your Code Blue Buck Tarsal Gland from Pradco Outdoor Brands for $14.99.

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Photo courtesy of Code Blue.


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