New 2023 Remington Hunting Ammunition

March 14, 2023

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Remington Hunting Ammunition, one of the best in American built projectiles, announces their brand new 2023 product lineup of ammo. From the Core-Lokot bullets to new leading handgun loads and more, Remington Ammunition has you covered this hunting season.

Remington Hunting Ammunition Benefits

“Big Green is gearing up for another successful year by introducing a variety of groundbreaking new cartridges that cater to all kinds of hunters and shooters,” said Remington’s Director of Marketing Joel Hodgdon. “Our team is working hard to continue the legacy of creating the most innovative and high-performing ammunition in the game. Here’s to another big year for Big Green.”

The new products include unmatched loads great for everyday carry, innovative new big game cartridges, and advanced rimfire packages, all featuring state-of-the-art advancements in manufacturing and technology sure to fulfill every hunter’s dreams.

Remington: Superior Performance for the Modern Hunter

Remington ammunition is renowned for its precision and consistency. Whether you’re targeting big game or small game, you can trust Remington to deliver accuracy shot after shot.

When you’re out in the field, reliability is paramount. Remington ammunition is built to perform in all conditions, ensuring your shots count when it matters most.

Remington offers a wide range of ammunition types and calibers, catering to the needs of hunters pursuing everything from deer to waterfowl. This variety allows hunters to select the perfect load for their specific game and hunting style.

Remington continually invests in research and development, introducing new technologies that enhance terminal performance, reduce recoil, and improve overall hunting experiences.

With a rich history dating back to 1816, Remington has earned its reputation through generations of hunters. Choosing Remington ammunition is choosing a brand with a legacy of excellence.

Make sure you’re well stocked to go hunting and pick out all the handgun, rifle, rimfire, and shotshell ammo you need today, with Remington ammunitions new 2023 lineup, starting at $23.99.

Learn whether 30-30 or 45-70 ammo is best on iSportsmanUSA.


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