Camouflage with the Arcturus Leaf Suit

May 24, 2022

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Stay hidden every season with the silent, lightweight and three-dimensional Arcturus Realtree Edge 3D Leaf Suit. Made from a polyester mech and covered in over a thousand realistic artificial leaves, the EDGE 3D breaks up your outline and form, giving you amazing depth and allowing you to blend into your environment.

Arcturus RealTree Edge 3D Leaf Suit Features

Crafted with innovation in mind, the RealTree Edge 3D Leaf Suit boasts an intricately designed camouflage pattern that seamlessly blends wearers into their natural surroundings. The suit’s 3D leaves mimic the environment, rendering the wearer practically invisible to keen-eyed animals. This advanced concealment enhances the hunt, granting hunters the advantage of proximity and surprise.

Comfort and Functionality

Beyond its visual stealth, the suit prioritizes comfort and functionality. Constructed from lightweight, breathable materials, it ensures wearers can move with ease through varying terrains. The suit’s thoughtful design incorporates features such as adjustable straps, elastic cuffs, and a zippered front for quick wear and removal, catering to the demands of both quick maneuvers and prolonged waits.


Durability is another hallmark of the Arcturus RealTree Edge 3D Leaf Suit. Engineered to withstand rugged conditions, the suit doesn’t succumb to the elements, making it an investment that guarantees multiple seasons of reliable performance. Rain, wind, and even minor abrasions are no match for its robust construction.

Moreover, the RealTree Edge 3D Leaf Suit transcends its tactical applications. Wildlife photographers, birdwatchers, and nature enthusiasts find immense value in its ability to facilitate up-close encounters with animals without causing disturbance. The suit becomes a bridge between humans and wildlife, capturing authentic moments that are otherwise elusive.

In a world where nature’s balance is delicate, the Arcturus RealTree Edge 3D Leaf Suit champions ethical hunting and observation practices. Its effectiveness means fewer instances of spooked animals or missed opportunities, contributing to sustainable interactions between humans and the environment.

MSRP: $79.99

Visit Arcturus for all of your 3D leafy camo needs today.

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