New Rain Gear From Brella: Next Level Weather Protection

July 6, 2022

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

It is hard to find a raincoat that keeps you dry and presentable! When Brella promises to offer a high-performance rain gear experience like no other, it is more than a flashy gimmick. This weather protection gear is unlike any other, and we tested them out for ourselves.

Rain happens, it can literally put a damper on any outdoor experience—whether that be hiking, camping, hunting, or fishing. Finding gear that will protect you, look good and not restrict your range of motion so you can do what you need to do, is a simpler task on paper than in practice. But that was before we found Brella.

Best Feature: One-Size-Fits-Most Design

Let’s start with the most inclusive design feature, the “one-size-fits most” unisex Brella design. Usually, this claim is a red flag, but with Brella it is probably the most attractive feature. When we tested the Brella 2020 Navy Blue Rain Jacket, iSportsman rallied the help of testers from a men’s size 3XL to a women’s size M, and the adjustable Brella design provided a comfortable fit for all.

This is thanks to the unique to Brella customizable waist fit with three side snaps on either side which allows wearers of all builds to achieve a comfortable fit and allows adjustments for when the coat is covering more than just you. With this innovative design, you can fit water sensitive gear comfortably under the coat with you when needed–making it perfect for all outdoor adventurers who need to keep their gear dry.

Other Favorite Features of Brella Rain Gear

Beyond the total body and gear coverage, Brella has other features that make it the perfect wet-weather hunting, fishing and hiking jacket. Our favorite is the ample pocket space, that offers the same 20,000mm waterproof protection as the rest of the coat. Perfect for phones, hunting gear, field snacks or whatever you need to bring with you outdoors. To top it off, Brella also offers a retractable hood for extended peripheral vision.

Being able to keep your head dry while allowing a full range of motion is an essential function for both safety and scouting. This feature means that you don’t need to adjust the hood when turning in a stand, blind or other in situations where less movement (and more vision) is necessary. Brella’s lightweight design allows for easy packing and transport, with a fold-in packable-pocket design and two-way zipper with loop for storage. On top of being comfortable to wear and easy to pack and store, the Brella top-of-the-line breathable protection keeps you dry in both heavy rain and wet snow.

Brella raincoats are available in a wide range of colors, from modest Navy to fun patterns such as Purple RoseSolar Blaze, and Strawberry Lemonade, and, of course, Realtree Edge Camo and Realtree Blaze Camo to match the rest of your hunting gear. iSportsman gave away a Brella 101-BK Rain Poncho to one lucky person who signed up for their first month of iSportsman ARX at the Huntsville Hunting and Fishing Expo. If you didn’t make it out to see us, you can still join the Brella Nation by visiting

Find more rain gear on iSportsmanUSA.


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