Best Walleye Lures For Year-Round Bites

July 11, 2023

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Though most seasoned anglers favor walleye fishing in spring right before and after spawning, the summer nights and fall months ahead are just as good for fishing for walleye. We reached out to industry experts for the best recommendations for walleye lures and baits to ensure bites all year long. 

Walleye lures

Walleye Fishing Favorite: GITZIT’S 3.5” Hard Times Minnows Jig Bait 

Bass and walleye approved, the GITZIT’s 3.5” Hard Time Minnows are the best sellers for avid walleye anglers. By dragging your lure slowly across the bottom, while tipping your lure with a piece of night crawler, this jig bait has helped many fishermen hook their desired catch.  

Why GITZIT 3.5” Hard Time Minnows Jig Bait: 

According to GITZIT, and their combined 31 years of lure, bait, and fishing experience, there is no wrong season for a great jig. They do well in cold-water drop-off or around weed beds in late summer, Though jig fishing can take a little finesse to get the hang of (though with the help of resources like YouTube anyone can quickly learn) jig’s are excellent for slow drifting and creeping along the bottom—the type of movement walleyes adore! 

Snag your GITZIT 3.5” Hard Time Minnow today by following this link. 

Bait pop

Pro-Tools for Walleye Success: Gamefish Bait-Pop 

Walleye anglers agree that brighter colors are the most enticing to walleye, which is why GameFish’s Bait-Pop is a great addition to your walleye repertoire. Simply apply Bait-Pop using a clean applicator to your lure with your choice of Fish Formula scent, then customize the color of your lure with GameFish’s Sparklescales to better see your line and further your live sonar!  

Why Gamefish Bait-Pop 

Further research into fish olfactory systems conducted by Dr. Mike Howell of Samford University showed that many predatory fish can have their interest and feeding activity aroused using certain scented oils applied to bait and non-bait items. On Dr. Howell’s list of tested products was Fish Finder by GameFish, whose scent technology was continued with the production of Bait-Pop. With Bait-Pop’s built in scent and SparkleScale, it’s an easy extra step to take for walleye fishing success that pros swear by. 

Get a tube of GameFish Bait-Pop by visiting The Original Fish Formula website now. 

Fishing lures

Tried and True Walleye Classics: GITZIT’S 3” G Tail Grubs 

If you’re more of a “one-step” type of guy, then the GITZIT 3” G Tail Grubs in a variety of colors are great for Walleye as well. GITZIT especially recommends colors: 047, 107, 005, 186, 215, and 400 specifically for walleye bites. These bright and extremely durable grubs range in colors walleye love from white to chartreuse.  

Why GITZIT 3” Tail Grubs 

GITZIT’s testimonials are all from lifetime fans, because their soft plastic baits out-perform in durability and color quality when held up against competitor’s baits. From hunting and fishing guides who invest in 1,000 GITZIT lures at a time to keep their guide service successful, to family fishermen who associate GITZIT with their favorite family fishing outing due to the success, GITZIT offers fishing gear that is easy to come by, and impossible to re-create. 

Pick up a pack of GITZIT 3” G-Tail Grubs before your next fishing venture. 

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