Antler King’s Southern Greens

September 13, 2022

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Antler King’s Southern Greens is the perfect solution for your deer food plot needs. With a mix of collard greens, brassica leaves, radishes, winter wheat, and oats, Southern Greens provides a high-energy source of nutrition throughout early archer season to late gun season. Intended for fall planting in soil pH 6.0-6.5, one 8-pound bag can cover approximately ¼ acre or 11,00 square feet of land. The cold and drought-tolerant mix will help ensure that your herd stays healthy and well-nourished through the rut season, winter and spring antler growth, as well as fawn birthing season.

Enhance Deer Health and Habitat with Antler King’s Southern Greens Fall Annual Food Plot

As the crisp air of autumn descends, deer enthusiasts and hunters alike have a remarkable opportunity to boost both the health and habitat of their local deer population. Enter Antler King’s Southern Greens Fall Annual Food Plot – a game-changing addition to the arsenal of wildlife management.

This innovative food plot blend is designed to flourish during the fall, precisely when deer require a nutrient-rich diet to prepare for the challenging winter months. Comprising a carefully selected mix of forage brassicas, clovers, and cereal grains, Southern Greens offers a smorgasbord of essential vitamins and minerals that are vital for the overall well-being of deer.

The Southern Greens Difference

What sets Southern Greens apart is its ability to provide diverse and sustained nutrition. Forage brassicas offer a robust source of energy, while clovers infuse the plot with protein – a crucial element for antler growth and reproductive health. Cereal grains, on the other hand, furnish carbohydrates, ensuring deer have the energy reserves needed to endure the colder months.

Beyond nutrition, Antler King’s blend boasts a host of habitat-enhancing benefits. The dense and lush growth of Southern Greens provides ample cover, aiding in reducing stress for deer by offering a safe space from predators and unfavorable weather conditions. This dense cover also supports fawns by creating a sheltered environment during their vulnerable early stages.

Southern Greens’ allure extends beyond deer, fostering an ecosystem where various species thrive. This biodiversity contributes to healthier soils, better pest management, and an overall balanced environment.

Proper Deer Management

Deer management extends beyond hunting season, and Antler King understands this dynamic. Southern Greens not only draws deer in for hunters but also helps maintain a stable deer population by ensuring the animals’ well-being. This holistic approach not only benefits local ecosystems but also promotes responsible hunting practices.

In conclusion, Antler King’s Southern Greens Fall Annual Food Plot presents an exceptional opportunity for deer enthusiasts and land managers to make a significant positive impact. By providing essential nutrition, habitat enhancement, and promoting sustainable deer management, this blend proves its worth as a vital tool in fostering healthier deer populations and more robust ecosystems.

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