3 Bass Lures, Baits, and Jigs For Summer Fishing Success

July 21, 2023

iSportsman Staff

iSportsman Staff

Prime time for bass fishing is spring and summer, and with the weather remaining hot it’s the perfect time to get out on the water. Cool off by catching some bass this summer with these three bass lures perfect for reeling in huge fish. 

The Tournament Series Gitzit Tubes Bass Lures

Tried and True Bass Lures: The Tournament Series Gitzit Tubes 

Few lures age like fine wine, but the Gitzit Tournament Series Tubes are amongst those who do. With Gitzit tubes, the salt helps break down the lure to release more built-in attractants. For more wear-and-tear magic, it’s suggested that overtime you scratch the lure down with a pocketknife for re-engaged attractant release.  

This bass lure has won tournaments and cash prizes, with one reviewer sharing, “We caught thirty-six smallmouths, and all were caught on the Tube’s from Gitzit Inc. […] I fish with tubes all the time and Gitzit’s Tubes are the best I’ve found.” 

But Gitzit lures, baits, and jigs are also held in high regard with hobbyist fishermen as well. Like this life-long angler who shared, “I’m a long-time user of Gitzit products and I have found them to be one of the finest fishing lures that I have ever used. […] I am 87 years old, and I fish on average 5 days a week. If it was not for having Gitzit products, I certainly would not fish as much as I do.” 

The Gtizit 3” Paddle Fry Swim Bait Bass Lures

Best Baits for Bass Lures: The Gitzit 3” Paddle Fry Swim Bait 

Gitzit’s swimbaits were the first swimbaits on the market to feature realistic head shapes with molded eyes. As the only swimbaits that are anatomically correct, you can let your cast fall to the bottom and the bass will actually swim down to pick them up. 

Gitzit’s testimonials read more like love letters, and rightly so. Here is what one patron had to say about the Paddle Fry: “GitZit, thank you so much for inventing the Paddle Fry. I have caught so many fish on it, it is amazing! Last spring, I caught a 5lb. largemouth bass. […] Not only do I catch big bass, but I also catch nice sized trout as well. This lure is a must have in everyone’s tackle box!” 

The Gitzit 3” Spider Jig Bass Lures

Best Jigs For Lures: The Gitzit 3” Spider Jig 

The Gitzit 3” Spider Jig sells in the thousands every year. Considered a bass magnet, it’s also great for pike and lake trout. With the most popular color being #195, tons of fishing fans have found success across the entire line.  

“On a recent weekend my partner and I used the Gitzit Spider Jig to fool many good sized small-mouth bass. […] Between the two of us we boated over 50 small mouths over 3 lbs.” They continued, “All aspects of the Gitzit line continue to produce quality fish for us and I would find it difficult to use anything else when it counts.”  

So get your gear in order and get outside to catch some great bass this summer season.

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